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Iron Gate Installation or Repair

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Iron Grill Installation or Repair

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Glass Walls Installation or Repair

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Glass Door Installation or Repair

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Aluminium or Glass work

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Welding work

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Metal Work

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Welding and Glass Work Services in Lahore

Welding and Glass work installation services can come from various sources, each highlighting different requirements of the customers. Whatever type of building needs that you may have, Karsaaz services can help make things easier. 
Either it is the damaged glass in your door, or you need specialized custom welding solutions to obtain a robust and permanent finish. We can make it happen. Any good service provider company is known for its offerings, and Karsaaz is one of those companies that provide homeowners with the best possible solutions.

We provide the following services: 

  • Iron Gate Installation/ Repair
  • Iron Grill Installation/ Repair
  • Glass Walls Installation/ Repair
  • Glass Door Installation/Repair
  • Aluminum and Glass Work
  • Welding Work
  • Metal Work

Common Welding Problems And Solutions


An undercut can happen during welding when the arc voltage is too high or too long, which can also be influenced by using an incorrect electrode. To avoid this issue, you need to watch the speed of the weld and avoid using a bigger electrode, as it might develop an undercut if the molten metal increases in amount.


Cracks are one of the most severe problems in a weld that will not only weaken a weld, but a rapidly growing crack tends to worsen the problem. Cracks can be easily avoided by adequately grinding, cleaning, and filing the edges of plates, so they join together easily.


Porosity is where gas bubbles accumulate and get trapped inside a weld. You can avoid this by using low hydrogen electrodes and ensuring that the electrode coating is not damaged.

Welding Materials

We are experts in welding high-quality aluminum or copper, stainless steel, brass, bronze, etc. Commonly used welding materials include:


Various industries use aluminum due to its remarkable ability to resist corrosion, making it durable and less prone to damage.


Steel is present in different forms because it is an alloy. Most of the time, welders use stainless steel, carbon steel, or low-carbon steel, depending on the need of the project. Due to steel being solid and cheap, industries use it in various architectural projects.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is a great candidate for welding due to its relatively low melting point. It is a common material for kitchen appliances.

Other materials

Other materials routinely used in welding projects include Magnesium alloys, brass, copper, titanium, etc.

Glass Door Installation Services Near My Home

Glass doors can provide a welcoming environment to your business or home. With glass front doors, you can display statement pieces on the front which reflect your personality.
If your glass door panels are damaged, or you want to replace them with a new one, our specialists will work to clean up the glass, repair the damage, and replace it with a new one.
In case the glass needs replacement because the scope of the damage is beyond maintenance, then we make sure to safely secure the area and ensure that the site remains safe until your custom glass door panels arrive.
Suppose you are only looking for glass door installation services near you. In that case, Karsaaz is your best bet, as we can provide emergency services with affordable rates and 15 days service guarantee.

Does Karsaaz Provide Welding And Glass Work Services Near Me In Lahore?

Are you looking for the best welding and Glass installation services near you? Don’t worry; Karsaaz will take care of all your needs while you perform your daily chores. We provide our customers with high-quality solutions while they continue their daily routines.
You also don’t need to worry about security as our skilled technicians are background verified and qualified to provide welding and Glass Installation services at your home.

Book Karsaaz Today

If you need help with the services, you need experts who know precisely what to do. In addition to having a range of tools, we also have the necessary experience and expertise.
With extensive industry-related experience, we can guide you from recommending the preferred welding site to guiding you through the best door designs. If you are interested and want to know more, simply book us using our online platform and select our trained professional according to your affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What materials do you weld?

We can weld steel, stainless steel, Chrome, aluminum, nickel alloys, magnesium, copper, brass, bronze, and many others.

What Aluminum glass work styles do you supply?

We offer a wide range of aluminum glass work styles, including sliding doors, rotating, roller shutter styles, automatic, etc.

Mobile or in-shop welding?

Karsaaz provides highly convenient mobile welding services in Lahore.

What Areas Do We Cover?

Karsaaz covers all the prominent areas of Lahore. No matter where you live, Karsaaz has you covered.

However, to be more precise, this includes Samanabad: Muslim Town, Shah Jamal, Gulshan-e-Ravi - Data Gunj Buksh: Mozang, Shadman, Qila Gujar Singh, Sanda - ​Gulberg: Model Town, Faisal Town, Garden Town - Iqbal Town: Township, Johar Town, Sabzazar, Canal - Lahore Cantonment: Defence (all phases) -Shalamar, Ravi town, Nishtar town, and hundreds more!

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