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Iron Gate Installation or Repair

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Iron Grill Installation or Repair

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Glass Walls Installation or Repair

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Glass Door Installation or Repair

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Aluminium or Glass work

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Welding work

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Welding, Glass Alumunium, & Metal Work In Rawalpindi

Welding, aluminium, and metalwork require exceptional expertise. When you have a broken window or need some metal work to be done at your residence or workspace, you should hire an expert professional to get the job done neatly. That’s where you can count on Karsaaz. 

Whether you are looking for welding service in Rawalpindi, glass and aluminium work, or metal work at any residential or commercial place, we can connect you with the right people for this all-important job. We have skilled welders and glass and metal workers who leverage cutting-edge tools and a sophisticated approach to conduct any kind of small or big repair or installation work.

First-Class Welding, Glass Alumunium, & Metal Work In Rawalpindi

Need a grill welded at your home? Or maybe you need glass aluminium work to be performed in your house or working space. Whatever the case, we can help with all your needs in this domain.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Window Glass Work

Are you looking to install aluminium windows at your residence? Or maybe a particular window is broken at your home. Whatever the case, the professional glass aluminium repairmen of Karsaaz can help you with both types of work. 

We can install windows from scratch or replace a set of windows as per your preferences at the most affordable rates. If required, we can also assist you with purchasing or the selection of the new windows.

Gates Installation/Repair Of Any Material

When planning to install a new gate at the entrance, in one of the rooms, or when you feel a particular spot at your home needs a new door, you can count on Karsaaz for premium services.

Though we specialize in glass aluminium and a wide range of metal doors, we can also install and repair wooden doors as well. In case you need consultation in this matter for your under-construction house, feel free to approach us. We can help you with any kind of metal or non-metal door work in Rawalpindi.

Grill Welding

Need to install a steel grill outside your apartment or bungalow? Indeed, having an extra security layer in such certain times is useful. And who else can install a sturdy and impenetrable grill better than Karsaaz?

We specialize in all kinds of welding work. Whether the grill needs to be installed outside the home or at a certain height in an apartment, the professionals of Karsaaz in Rawalpindi can do both as per your needs.

Steel Stairs 

Most of us have steers at home, especially those who live in a bungalow or a two-story house. And these stairs, too, can deteriorate over time. Leaving them in a poor, weak state is too risky. So why not get them repaired at the earliest when you have a trusted steel work service in Rawalpindi in the shape of Karsaaz?

We can send steelwork experts to your doorstep whenever you require; we operate during all working days and, when required, can also assist you on the off days in exceptional circumstances.

Alumunium Glass Table Repair

Not just the doors and grills, we also repair aluminium glass tables with perfection. Whether a dining table or a playing table, we can repair repairable cracks and holes and even add new aluminium glass to it if possible.

The best part of our aluminium repair service in Rawalpindi is you don’t necessarily need to bring your table to our shop; our repairmen can fit it at your place if possible.

360 Welding, Glass Alumunium, & Metal Work In Rawalpindi

Here’s a complete and precise overview of what our services cover:

  • Repair of iron and steel welding

  • Gates and windows repair for home and offices

  • Commercial gates and windows 

  • Security grills, iron/steel stairs, and railings

  • Glass aluminum windows

  • Welding using inert tungsten gas (TIG)

  • Arc transmitted from plasma (PTA)

  • Welding using an inert metal gas (MIG)

  • Welding By Fusion

  • Welding via submerged arc (SAW)

  • Welding using electric arc

  • Customer-supplied illustrations

  • Fabricated components reverse engineered

  • Repairing damaged Or broken components

Why Choose Karsaaz?

For premium quality work and the best service charges, Karsaaz is a name you can trust. Our clients trust us and come back to us for more because:

  • We connect you with trusted and expert workers online.

  • With Karsaaz, you can call a technician to your place with a single tap.

  • We have a transparent billing system; there are no hidden charges involved.

  • We can take care of the purchasing of pieces of equipment if required.

  • We are active 24/7; you get a prompt response to all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is it worth repairing a glass aluminium window, or should I replace it with a new one?

It’s up to you. However, if you need experts’ opinions, our professionals can inspect those and suggest which would be a better approach for a long-term solution.

Can you also do woodwork in Rawalpindi?

Yes,  we deal in wood as well as all kinds of metals. If you need glass, aluminium, woodwork, or metalwork service in Rawalpindi, stop searching for “metalwork service in Rawalpindi near me” and call a professional via Karsaaz.

How long will it take you to install a new grill at my house?

Less than a day. You can also book our welding service in Rawalpindi for the same day and get it installed within a matter of the next few hours.

Can you bring a steel grill for me?

Yes, we can purchase or make a grill on your behalf and install it at your place too.

Can you assemble and disassemble an aluminium bed?

Yes, we can send a carpenter to your place for all your bed assembling, disassembling, and repair work.

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