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Professional Water Tank Cleaning

Professional Water Tank Cleaning with Chemicals

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Professional Water Tank Cleaning

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Plastic, Cement, Roof Top, Underground Tank Cleaning

Best Water Tank Cleaning Service In Rawalpindi

Have you checked your water storage tank lately? Do you notice any foul smelling or bitter taste? If so, give us a call. We serve instant and efficient water tank cleaning services at your doorsteps in Rawalpindi. 

Our experts will arrive at your doorsteps to prevent the deposition of calcium oxide and other corrosive elements!

Services Offered By Us In Rawalpindi

Water is life, and we cannot sustain ourselves without it. That’s why our water tank cleaning service ensures that the water is clean for consumption. We have unique and effective methods to disinfect the water while maintaining its essential micro and macro-nutrients. Hence, we know the best way to clean the water tank. 

We believe in delivering potential services. That’s why getting help from our experts in Rawalpindi enables you to acquire the following services. 

  • Removal of sludge

  • Dewatering using mechanical procedures

  • Utilizing high pressure and chemicals for thorough cleaning

  • Vacuum cleaning of water tanks

  • Employing anti-bacterial sprays

  • UV Radiation cleaning

  • Underground base cleaning

What Distinguishes Us From Other Water Tank Cleaning Services In Rawalpindi?

Pakistan is prone to water contamination. More than half of its citizens drink impure water and fall prey to water-borne diseases. In that situation, it’s better to hire a professional for water tank cleaning.                                                          

You can find no other service for tank cleaning better than Karsaaz in Rawalpindi. Let’s dig into the prominent reasons which make us consumers’ top priority. 

  • Offering 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Utilize advanced technology and methodology for cleaning water tanks.

  • Employing eco-friendly chemicals for cleaning water tanks.

  • Trained water tank cleaners.

  • Ensuring customers’ safety.

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We hunt each strain of potentially fatal micro-organisms and pollutants in your water tank. Thus, our end goal is the sterilization of your tank while following all standard cleaning procedures. 

Connect with us now for proper maintenance of your water tank!

Frequently Asked Questions!

What are your rates for water tank cleaning services?

The rates can vary depending on the duration and procedure of the cleaning service. You must visit our website to grab further details. 

Do you provide underground water tank cleaning services?

Along with overhead water tanks, we also clean the underground ones. We specialize in cleaning different types of tanks so you can drink clean and pure water.

My house has a polyurethane water tank. Do you offer service in cleaning that type of water tank? 

Our experts have the required skills to clean any tank, whether a polyurethane or single-panel GRP tank. 

How can I find the best water tank cleaning services near me?

For this purpose, take help from Google. You can also visit our website to hire a professional in Rawalpindi. 

How much time you’ll require to clean my water tank?

The total working hours may vary depending on the water tank size and the amount of filth. However, the estimated work duration is 2-3 hours, which is not absolute. 

Are your chemicals safe?

Karsaaz uses eco-friendly chemicals that confirm the highest safety standards. Further, our cleaning chemicals are entirely safe for children. 

Which method of cleaning is used by your professionals?

Our professionals are trained to perform both manual and advanced technology for cleaning. We use brushes to remove algae from the tank. Later, we use highly potent anti-bacterial sprays, vacuum, and other techniques for thorough cleaning. 

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