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Professional Water Tank Cleaning

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Clean, Safe Water Tank Cleaning Services From The Karsaaz

Choosing the right water tank cleaning services is of immense importance; with so many companies offering clean water tank services in the country, Karsaaz brings an entirely new dimension to the water tank cleaning service by providing certified water tank cleaning and chlorination service that trained technicians only perform.

What Are Water Tanks?

As evident from the name, water tanks are large containers used to store any type of water. The tanks are then used to deliver water - via a set of pipes - wherever needed. There are different types of water tanks that are available for different purposes.

Types Of Water Tanks

The two types of water tanks used in Pakistan is the cement tank and the other is a plastic tank. Now, both types of the tank need regular cleaning and maintenance if you are doing it manually; however, it is possible to skip the hassle and hire a professional water tank cleaning service that will keep you free for at least six months before you re-book the service. At Karsaaz, we have an experienced team with a diverse skill set that will do every possible bit to eliminate all types of bacteria from your water tank.

Cement Tank

A cement tank is a relatively robust water tank mainly installed underground due to its size, but; it can be installed above the ground if the size needs to be bigger. Due to the insulation of concrete material, the water stays cool, which is highly successful in Pakistan as it is a typically warm country and crosses 45 degrees during summer.

The concrete tanks accumulate dirt and rust easily when not cleaned frequently. Karsaaz’s professionals are trained individuals with years of experience who will help ensure a clean water supply to your home and offices.

Plastic Tank

Plastic tanks are also common in many countries; they use polyethylene to maximize durability and strength. The tank is comparatively better than cement because it does not corrode easily and prevents rust buildup. But, the tanks need to be disinfected and cleaned regularly in order to provide portable and clean water.

Why Is Water Tank Cleaning Important?

In today’s world, people are unsure whether the water supply they are getting to their homes is safe. The health of water being consumed largely depends upon its container. The tanks are prone to sediment buildup, dirt, and invisible harmful microbes that become the leading cause of the diseases. Therefore, water tank cleaning is critical as it ensures that the water that you are using is free from bacteria or any other contaminants.

The tanks are pretty common in urban cities as the homes are closely situated, and water is supplied by local government or private tankers. The water supply is replenished once or twice a week so that people can use the water for the entire week. With such frequent use, it is impossible for homeowners to clean the tanks by themselves; hence professional tank cleaning service is required.

Types Of Equipment Used For Water Tank Cleaning

The equipment requires to clean and disinfect the water tanks include:

  • Scrapes and sponges

  • Wet vacuums

  • Chemical disinfection kit

  • High-pressure jets

Methods Of Cleaning The Water Tank

1. Empty The Tank

You must drain out the water that is stored in the tank. To avoid wastage, you can just consume the entire tank for house chores before booking the service, or you can simply drain the water using a sludge pump.

2. Scrubbing The Tank

After you empty the tank, the next step is to clean the floors and the walls of the tank by manual scrubbing; this will remove dirt, sediments, fungus, and everything else. 

3. High-Pressure Cleaning

After the scrubbing, the floors and ceiling of the tank are thoroughly cleaned using special high-pressure jet cleaners, which eliminate the algae and all contaminants clinging to the internal surface of the tank, promoting microbiological growth. 

4. Vacuum Cleaning

The sediments and dirt sometimes settle on the tank floors and become hard to remove, so they can be eliminated using a vacuum. 

5. Disinfecting The Tank And The Pipes

The next step is to use an anti-bacterial spray or liquid bleach to disinfect the tank, ensuring that the tank is free of germs. After this step, the tank is filled with water and run through the taps to disinfect the pipelines as well.

6. Empty Tank Left For Drying

The tank is then left for drying, which can be refilled after 3 hours.

DIY Water Tank Cleaning Vs. Hiring Professional Water Tank Cleaners

DIY tank cleaning solutions do not wipe off the microbes completely; as stated above, most of the dirt stays hidden in the edges and corners that cannot be accessed via manual methods. However, with a professional cleaning method, every height is reached, and every corner is cleaned using high pressure. Our team has encountered the most complex tanks tha thas been successfully disinfected with complete efficiency, and our antimicrobial treatment has proven to be highly beneficial for water-borne diseases.

Choosing the right water tank cleaning services is of prime importance when it comes to providing a sterile and hygienic environment for your water tanks. While many companies offer water tank cleaning services in the city, Karsaaz brings forth a certified cleaning and chlorination service that other tank cleaning service providers do not provide. Our trained staff and professionals use the highest quality products to ensure that safe and pure water reaches your household.

How To Book Water Tank Cleaning Services Near Me?

You can book Karsaaz services using its app and website; download the app from the play store or App store. Click on the search bar icon and find the service you need; Within minutes, you’ll get multiple offers from nearby professionals based on your needs. Choose the bid you like and directly book the professionals.

Alternatively, you can contact our support team via call or WhatsApp(+92 317 1110464 ), and we will help you arrange the most suitable professional based on your requirements.

How To Smartly Search For Professional Water Tank Cleaners Near Your Home? 

If you are willing to hire a professional tank cleaning service, then you have various options to choose from: 

First and foremost, you can use the Karsaaz app to book water tank cleaning services. Our highly qualified technicians will help you understand the process and best offer according to your needs.

You can use Google maps to look for Karsaaz water tank cleaning services near you, and you can book them via call or WhatsApp.

Online business directories are a great source of looking for water tank cleaning services around you. You will be getting all the business details online, which will make your approach more manageable.

Lastly, word of mouth is the most common and reliable source of trusting someone in Pakistan. Hence, you can read reviews on Karsaaz’s website for peace of mind and better understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I clean my water tank without draining the water?

Some machines can help you clean your water tank without wasting water. These machines can suck up all the dirt and clean the greasy walls.

What is the chemical used to clean the water tanks?

Chloramines and other chlorine-like chemicals are the most common way to clean drinking water. The most commonly used chemical is pure chlorine.

Is the equipment you use hygienic?

Our technicians periodically sanitize all the equipment to ensure it remains hygienic.

How long do I wait to use the water after you clean my tank?

You can use it after 2 to 3 hours

How often should you clean domestic water tanks?

Experts recommend that water tanks should be cleaned at least once a year

How much does it cost to clean the water tank thoroughly?

Water tank cleaning costs vary in price depending on the size of your tanks. Small water tank cleaning prices begin from Rs.2000-2500. Whereas larger water tank cleaning typically costs Rs.3000.

What type of water tank cleaning service does Karsaaz offer?

We provide over- head and underground water tank cleaning services for the residential and commercial sectors.

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