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Pest Control Services

Pest Control and Germs Protection Services, protection from diseases and infection-spreading pests and viruses including Dengue Mosquito, Cockroaches, Ants, Corona, Flies, Termites, Rats, Bed Bugs and others

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Pest Control Services For Residential & Commercial In Pakistan

The professional employees of Karsaaz specialize in protecting against pests like rodents, termites, bed bugs, and more. With a vast clientele in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, we are customers' preferred choice due to our professionalism and top-notch work.

Our experts assure the best quality of work in the concerned arena. We provide end-to-end pest management solutions for commercial and residential spaces and are rated among the top reputed companies, surpassing all our competitors. 

We are among one the top Pest Control Services in Pakistan. Having years of experience in the related field, we provide outstanding services. Over the years, we have developed into one of the most recognized brands.

 The services provided by Karsaaz include: 

Termite Control Services - Process Involved In Control Of Termite Infestation 

Termites are known worldwide for their destructive behavior in a house. These organisms kill the vibe of a perfect-looking place by consuming wood and cellulose-based materials. 

It is restricted to woods and can also sweep paper, books, filtration systems, etc. Therefore, get termite treatment from Karsaaz before constructing the house and building, as we specialize in this aspect. 

We customize the termite treatment plan according to the site's requirements. Before starting the prevention treatment, we have all important discussions about the plan.

Karsaaz professionals provide termite control treatment in the following way:

  • We monitor the entire premises to identify the affected areas.

  • We use Thermal imaging for the detection of Termite colonies. 

  • Drilling points are defined and marked. 

  • Boring on the marked points is carried doubt via drills.

  • We drill all the bores at a prescribed distance, so they should cover all concrete walls. 

  • A few liters of diluted medicine/chemical are poured into every bore until they penetrate entirely.

  • Then at the end, we fill it with cement contrasting the color of your floor.

Bed Bugs Treatment Services - Reclaim Your Comfort Zone 

After a thorough inspection and addressing the client's concerns, the highly skilled technicians of Karsaaz identify the bed bugs problem in the commercial or residential setting. 

Our technicians come to your place with the required equipment and seal the rooms using the heating equipment until the room temperature is raised to 50-60 degrees Celcius. Following the procedure, the bed bugs and their eggs die within an hour, making your place readily available for a good night's sleep. 

Fumigation Services - Targeting Breeding Spots Of Mosquitoes

Fumigation has now become a requirement of all residential and commercial facilities. It protects your area from unwanted pests and halts their unusual spread.

Here is a thing for the pest problem; the more it is stretched or delayed, the harder it takes to resolve. Karsaaz advises using their fumigation services for controlling pest ingestion in its early stages before it puts a massive dent in your pocket. 

Every changing season brings along mosquitoes, aggravating the risk of harmful diseases. Pakistan is mainly affected by mosquitoes due to garbage and stagnant water problems. The bad air quality also brings mosquitoes into our living and work spaces. 

Nowadays, a single mosquito bite is lethal as it actively contributes to dengue and malaria cases. In such worst conditions, mosquito control becomes essential for our commercial and residential space.

Karsaaz provides professional mosquito control services in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad using authentic, safe, and eco-friendly medicines that contribute zero waste to the environment. We identify the breeding spots of mosquitoes near your vicinity and target that area by mosquito fumigation, where they are possibly feeding and reproducing. 

They spray eco-friendly, medically approved medicines on their breeding spots, resulting in an immediate reduction in the population of mosquitoes. At the same time, the rest got eliminated by the residual effect of the medicine.

Why Choose Karsaaz For Pest Control Services

We often find pets invading our homes and offices, which are annoying and severely threaten our health and well-being. E.g., the allergens found in a mouse can cause severe breathing issues in kids and an early stage of asthma. 

Pests ranging from rodents to ticks can transfer multiple diseases to any other person in your house, causing little too extreme effects. Moreover, the presence of pests is also a cause of embarrassment at official meetings or a stayover with friends. 

Hence, Karsaaz pest control services are necessary to keep your place free from pests or other harmful allergens. We are a leading online pest control service provider in Pakistan providing above-par commercial and residential pest control services across the country.

Over the years, we have learned that different types of pests require extra elimination and prevention methods, and we have perfected our skills during our year-long journey in the industry. 

How To Find The Best Pest Control Service Near Me

We have your back if you are looking for trustworthy Pest Control Services anywhere in Lahore, Karachi, or Islamabad! 

Look no further and book Karsaaz professionals for any pest prevention help. Our handypersons guarantee high-quality work and cost-effective solutions to all your issues.

Our competitive prices and a money-back guarantee on Pest Control Services will surely give you immense peace of mind because we know how difficult it becomes when foreign pests compromise your comfort zone. 

Where Can I Find Emergency Pest Control Service In Pakistan?

Our team of highly trained technicians offers 24-hour pest control services who know their work best and have ample knowledge of handling all types of pests. 

After taking our services, we assure you that your home will have no pest infestation. You are just one click away from securing your home and your health. We fully equip our technicians to complete the elimination of pests with a guarantee of 5 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

What type of treatment methods does Karsaaz offer? 

Karsaaz offers various treatments for pests ranging from ants to rodents. We use The treatments are performed using the latest technologies and products.

Do I have to leave my home open when you perform services?

It depends; most of the time, leaving your home open won't be necessary. Even if, at some point, it becomes essential for you to leave the house during treatment, we will arrange it in advance.

Why should I hire a professional from Karsaaz?

Most homeowners lack the time and expertise to handle pest situations. Hence they hire a professional to make their life easy. 

How do I choose a good pest control company?

The service provider you hire should have ample knowledge, be certified, and comply with industry standards.

When should I call pest control?

When you suspect the presence of rodents or insects on your property, you should book our professional as early as possible. They will conduct a thorough assessment and present effective treatment options.

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