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Manicure Pedicure At Home Service

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Manicure Pedicure At Home Service

Rs.1199 (fixed)

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Treat Yourself With At-Home Manicure And Pedicure Service In Rawalpindi

We use our hands and feet repeatedly throughout the day, and they are among the first things others notice about us. A nice manicure and pedicure will boost your confidence all day long. Regular manicures from us make your nails strong and healthy.

Our manicure & pedicure packages are the best way to give your fingers and toes the best possible care. You can select any treatments you like, including cuticle care, nail shaping, buffing, and much more. Additionally, we create the most exquisite personalized nail art.

What else? You may have our nail experts complete the entire process conveniently from your home, workplace, or hotel without lifting a finger. We have the best manicure and pedicure service near you in Rawalpindi.

Health Benefits Of Getting Mani-Pedi Service From Us

Typically, manicures and pedicures are used to clean and improve the appearance of the hands and feet. However, as a special kind of salon service, they also significantly contribute to several health advantages. By getting manicures and pedicures, you can keep your hands and feet looking younger and more comfortable.

Increased Blood Circulation

The body's blood circulation is best improved by manicures and pedicures. A professional mani-pedi by Karsaaz involves massage, dead skin removal, and proper moisturizing that enhances the appearance of your hands and feet as well as blood circulation, which is beneficial for both your physical and emotional health.

Clean And Shiny Nails

We will bring the nail salon right to your doorstep and provide luxurious mani-pedi services at your home. Regular manicures will remove grease and dirt from your nails and clean them. As a result, you will have shinier and more presentable nails.

Reduced Stress

Your body and mind receive the time and rest required to feel comfortable and let go of tension and worry when you get a manicure and pedicure through our experts.

Types Of Mani-Pedi Offered

Our experienced team of certified beauty therapists performs our renowned Manicures, Pedicures, and French nails for hands and feet as part of our range of hands-and-feet treatments.

Luxury Mani-Pedi

Do you like a transparent coat, or are you more into bold colors? Do you enjoy making a statement with a stunning red? For a fashionable and distinctive aesthetic, how about adding jewels to the nails? There are countless options. Our manicurists offer the best mani-pedi services near you, with a customized nail art facility available for all our clients.

French Mani-Pedi

Classic French manicures by Karsaaz professionals are always a good choice. It complements anything and is trendy. Like no other form of manicure, the French manicure creates distinct nails. The tip of the nails is painted entirely white in a French manicure, which defines it from all other types of manicures in which the nail is painted in a single color.

Acrylic Nails 

Growing long, beautiful nails is a desire for many women. But each time they attempt to grow their nails long, they end up with one or more cracked or chipped nails.

The best option if you can't grow your nails without breaking them is to have an acrylic manicure from our experts. If you cannot grow your nails naturally, you can always get an artificial extension!

Why Choose Karsaaz For Manicure And Pedicure In Rawalpindi

We give you the attention and luxury you deserve in addition to the most economical and cozy beauty treatments. We adhere to a straightforward formula: "top-rated services, client demands, and a hygienic environment," and we make sure to give you the best spa and at-home salon services so you may swiftly and efficiently take care of all your beauty needs.

We have the best manicurists in your city and offer the following.

·        Trained and Verified Manicurists

·        Use of sealed beauty products

·        Unparalleled Comfort

·        Affordable Rates in Rawalpindi

·        Hygienic Standards

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With us, getting manicure services delivered to your house is much more practical and quicker. You have the freedom to access services whenever, when, and however you choose. 

You can get the shiniest nails near you with just one click. Our nail salon services are available around the clock. Visit our website or install our app for more information on discounted offers. Hurry up before you lose your slot!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Where can I find top manicurists near me in Rawalpindi?

You can find them only through the Karsaaz app. We will connect you with the best salon service providers in your area who will offer you the best mani-pedi services at your doorstep.

What will be the next step once the booking is made?

The personal care professional from our company will visit your home at the appointed time after scheduling a pedicure session. They simply need access to a warm water supply because they already have all the necessary supplies, accessories, and tools. You should thus unwind and indulge in the service.

What is the manicure pedicure price offered by your experts?

Our mani-pedi treatment is offered at an amazing price of Rs 1199/- only in Rawalpindi. You can also avail cashback rewards by making your first booking.

Does the bleach used in the process cause irritation?

It's common to have skin discomfort after using bleach. You must, however, seek advice from our personal care experts if the irritation worsens.

Is there any skin type required to get a manicure and pedicure?

No, this treatment is suitable for all types of skin.

Do the products used in your manicure and pedicure cause any side effects?

Our products are skin friendly and do not cause any harsh reactions. Temporary redness may occur, which will go away on its own after a while.

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