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Ladies Tailoring At-home Service (with Pick & Drop)

Plain Dress, Party Dress, Bridal Dress, Piping Dress, Saree, Fancy Dress Tailoring

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Plain Suit Stitching

Rs.1299 (fixed)

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Plain suit with small designing

Rs.1499 (fixed)

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Piping Style Stitching

Rs.1499 (fixed)

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Ladies Party/Formal Wear Tailoring

Rs.1900 (estimated)

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Ladies specific Design Stitching

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Bridal Wear Service

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Children Wear

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Tailoring related other services

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Top Female Tailoring Services In Rawalpindi

Every woman deserves to dress up in her favorite attire and look her best! And that can only be possible when the dress is stitched to your perfect measurements, which an experienced tailor can only do.

Since finding a ladies' tailor near you in Rawalpindi can be daunting, we at Karsaaz assure to make it easier!

Our experienced tailors can help you get the perfect fit without stepping out of your house. And we promise you won't require alterations since our expert tailors are the best at what they do.

So don't wait any longer. Book now and get the perfect fit with a Karsaaz tailor in Rawalpindi!

What Makes Karsaaz's Female Tailoring Services The Best?

We provide our customers with exceptional female tailoring services in Rawalpindi to ensure that every piece of clothing looks and feels fantastic. With our tailored services, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved Fit

Finding the perfect fit can be challenging, especially regarding women's clothing. With our female tailoring services, you can have the ideal fit tailored to you. 

Our tailors will measure your body and adjust as needed to ensure you get the best fit in the first go.

  • Increased Comfort

A dress that does suit can be quite uncomfortable. Whether tight or loose, the unproportionate fit can make you conscious of your entire look, ruining the event for you. 

So, why take the risk when you have Karsaaz's experienced tailors to get the work done right?

Our female tailoring services in Rawalpindi will ensure that the fit is right for your body and that you don't have to deal with uncomfortable tightness or bunching. 

  • Enhanced Style

Whether you're looking for a classic look or something more modern, our female tailoring services can help you create the perfect style for any occasion. 

Moreover, our experienced tailors will work closely with you to create the perfect look that matches your taste and personality.

We provide the best ladies' tailor in Rawalpindi and other major cities of Pakistan. All you need to do is book your service and wait for our tailors to arrive for a professional experience worth your time.

Enjoy Tailoring Services With Karsaaz

Karsaaz lets you enjoy customized tailoring services in Rawalpindi at your doorstep. Our ladies' tailors are masters of their field, holding years of experience and knowledge that lets them stitch the perfect attire every time!

Thus, here are some of the services you get to enjoy with us:

  • Plain Suit Stitching

Sometimes the simplest of things look the best. And if you believe in keeping things natural, our simple suit stitching service is just what you need.

We use the best fabrics and materials to ensure that your suit looks and fits you ideally.

And if you don't have the fabric but need a suit stitched urgently, just let our tailors know the requirements, and we'll handle the rest for you.

  • Piping Style Stitching

We offer piping-style stitching services for those looking for extra style and sophistication. Our tailors use a unique technique to add additional detailing to the suits, providing you with a unique look.

Additionally, Karsaaz promises to deliver each design with finesse, attributing to your style and taking your dress-up game a notch higher.

  • Ladies' Party/Formal Wear Tailoring

At Karsaaz, we understand that ladies' parties and formal wear require special tailoring. We offer ladies' party and formal wear tailoring services in Rawalpindi, carefully handling your delicate dresses and stitching them as required. 

Our tailors can adjust your dress to ensure that it fits you perfectly and looks stunning.

  • Ladies-Specific Design Stitching

Whether a simple shalwar kameez or the more complicated tulip and peplum, Karsaaz's ladies' tailors can stitch every style with great finesse and expertise.

Just lay out the details for us and watch the tailor work their way to create the perfectly stitched dress for you.

  • Bridal Wear Service

Your big day comes in a lifetime! So, plan the perfect wedding outfit with Karsaaz because you want to ensure the look that day is good.

We have a team of tailors specializing in bridal dresses and are dedicated to providing you with the best bridal dress service for a memorable experience. 

How To Book Karsaaz Tailoring Service Near Me

Here's how you can book our tailor near me in Rawalpindi for ladies at your home:

  • Place Your Order

Visit our website/app and fill up the form to place your order.

  • Provide Your Dress Fabric

Once you place your order, our tailors will contact you to get the fabric for your dress. You can either give them a fabric of your choice or let them choose from our range of fabrics.

  • Stitch To Fit Sewn And Delivered

After the fabric is provided, our tailors will stitch your dress to fit and deliver it to your doorstep. You will get the perfect fit for your dress.

  • Pay On Delivery 

Once your dress is delivered, you can pay for it on delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Where can I find a ladies' tailor near me in Rawalpindi?

We offer female tailoring services in Rawalpindi. Whether you need a tailor for alterations or a custom design, Karsaaz is here to help. 

Is Karsaaz the best ladies' tailor in Rawalpindi?

We are proud to say that Karsaaz is one of the leading online tailors in Pakistan. Our commitment to providing the highest quality service has earned us a reputation as one of the top online tailors in Pakistan.

Do you offer any guarantees?

We take pride in the quality of our work. We want our customers to be delighted, and we guarantee that all our tailoring services will be of the highest quality.

How much does it cost?

The cost of our tailoring services depends on the type of garment you need to be altered, the materials used, and the complexity of the job. We work with customers to ensure that the cost of our tailoring services is within their budget.

What is the turnaround time for your tailoring services?

At Karsaaz, we understand that time is of the essence. We strive to provide you with the best tailoring service in the shortest time possible. Depending on the complexity of your clothing, our turnaround time usually ranges from three days to a week.

What if I am not satisfied with your service?

We assure to work closely with you and stitch according to your needs. But if you don't like our work, we happily offer complete compensation.

Can you buy fabric and then stitch it for me?

Yes, we can. Mention the requirements when booking with us so our experts can work accordingly.

Can you stitch a design and style of my choice?

Yes, our tailors can customize the look and style for you.

What if I need to get a dress stitched urgently?

The best thing about Karsaaz is that we cater to urgent requirements professionally. No matter the urgent work, you can trust our tailors to complete it perfectly.

Will you bring all the accessories to style the suit yourself?

Yes, our tailors have all the necessary accessories like buttons, laces, and more to enhance your dress's look.

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