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Important Terms And Conditions For Karsaaz User

Dear User,

Thank you for booking a service provider through the Karsaaz app. Please read and note these important terms and conditions for using the Karsaaz app:

  1. Karsaaz App Is An Online Marketplace ( Bazaar ) That Connects Users With Cheap And Verified Independent Service Providers. Any Service You Book Through The Karsaaz App Is Provided By Independent Service Providers, Not The Karsaaz App Itself. Provided By
  2. When You Book Service Providers Through The Karsaaz App, You Enter Into A Service Agreement With The Service Providers. However, Karsaaz App Is Not A Part Of This Agreement. Important Points Of This Customer And Service Provider Agreement Are As Follows:
    1. The Service Providers Agree To Provide You (The Customer) With The Required Service At The Agreed Price And With Good Quality and You (The Customer) Agree To Pay The Service Providers The Agreed Amount Before Or Upon Completion Of The Service.
    2. The Service Provider Agrees To Give You A ( 15 ) Day Warranty On Its Work ( Where Applicable ).
    3. If You Ask The Service Provider To Perform Additional Work That Was Not Previously Agreed Upon, You Will Pay Extra For The Additional Work.
    4. If A Service Provider Cannot Provide A Price For The Work Without A Home Visit And You Agree, Please Note That If The Service Provider's Price Is Not Acceptable To You, You Will Have To Pay Cancellation Charges Of Rs.350  To The Service Provider.
    5. If The Service Provider Arrives At Your Home For The Booked Service And You Refuse Or Are Unable To Take The Service, You Will Pay  Rs.350 As Cancellation Charges To The Service Provider.
    6. The Service Provider And The Customer Shall Treat Each Other With Dignity And Respect And Shall Not Cause Any Harm To Each Other.
    7. Both You And The Service Provider Have The Right To Take Legal Action Against The Other For Breach Of This Contract.
  3. To Ensure Your Safety, We Only Match You With The Service Provider For Which We Have Completed Police, CNIC, Photo, And Mobile Number Verification. However, We Are An Online Marketplace ( Bazaar ), And Such Service Providers Are Not Our Employees. Therefore Karsaaz App Does Not Take Any Responsibility For Any Misconduct Or Wrongdoing By Any Service Provider. Where Applicable, You Reserve Your Right To Report Their Conduct Directly To The Appropriate Authorities.
  4. If You Are Not Satisfied With The Quality Of Service Offered By The Service Provider, You Can Report The Same To Our Helpline Using One Of The Options Provided In The "Contact Us" Section Of The App Or Our Website. I Can Complain. We Will Do Our Best To Resolve The Complaint Between You And The Service Provider. However, Karsaaz App Does Not Take Any Responsibility If You Suffer Any Financial Or Other Loss Due To The Service Booked Through Karsaaz App. 
  5. For Your Safety, You Should Check The Original CNIC (Identity Card) Of The Service Provider To Verify The Identity On Arrival. If You Are Not Satisfied With Their Identity For Any Reason, You Should Refuse The Service Provider To Enter Your Home And Immediately An Option From The "Contact Us" Page Of The App Or Website. Should Be Reported To Our Customer Support Team. If You Think You Are In Danger, You Should Immediately Call The Local Emergency Services For Help. You Are Responsible For Ensuring Your Own Safety; The Company Does Not Take Responsibility For Customer Safety.
  6. If You Need To Cancel A Booked Service, You Must Notify Karsaaz App Customer Service Team At Least 24 Hours Before The Agreed Service Date And Time. Otherwise, The Company Will Charge You Rs 350 As Cancellation Fee. Ghar Yellow Food Orders Cannot Be Canceled Once The Booking Has Been Confirmed And Full Advance Payment Has Been Made.
  7. Suppose the Karsaaz App Collects Any Money From You Before Starting The Service Or After The Service Is Completed. In that case, That Money Is Held In An Escrow Account And Paid To The Service Provider When The Service Is Completed.
  8. You Will Not Ask The Service Provider To Give You Its Direct Contact Number, And You Will Not Book Directly With That Service Provider Now Or In The Future. 
    1. Similarly, The Service Provider Should Not Give You Their Contact Number Or Ask You Directly To Book It. If A Service Provider Does This, You Should Immediately Report It To Our Customer Support Team Using One Of The Options Available On The App Or On Our Website's "Contact Us" Page, As This Is A Matter Of Communication With Us. It Is Against The Agreement.
  9. COVID-19 Guidance: All Necessary Measures Should Be Taken For The Health And Safety Of Both The Customer And The Service Provider, Such As Wearing A Face Mask, Frequent Use Of Hand Sanitizer, And At Least 2 Hours Away From Other People During Delivery Services. Keep Meter Distance.

After every service delivery, we talk to our service provider to get their feedback and ensure service quality.

If you fail to comply with any of the above conditions, we will disable your account and may take legal action against you if necessary.

Thank you for using the Karsaaz app.

Terms And Conditions For Karsaaz App Service Provider

Dear Service Provider,

Please read it carefully and note these important terms and conditions for providing our service to users through the Karsaaz app:  

  1. When You, As A Service Provider, Provide A Service To A Customer Through The Karsaaz App, You Enter Into A Service Contract With The Customer. However, Karsaaz App (Company) Is Not A Party To This Agreement. Important Points Of This Customer And Service Provider Contract Are As Follows:
    1. As A Service Provider, You Agree To Provide The Customer With The Required Service At An Agreed Price And With Good Quality.
    2. Upon Satisfactory Completion Of The Service, The Customer Agrees To Pay The Service Provider The Agreed Amount Before Or Upon Completion Of The Service.
    3. As A Service Provider, You Agree To Provide The Customer With A ( 15 ) Day Warranty On Your Work ( Where Applicable ).
    4. If The Customer Asks You To Do Additional Work That Was Not Previously Agreed Upon, You Will Charge Extra For The Additional Work, Notify The Company Immediately And Pay A Commission On The Total Price Charged To The Customer.
    5. If You Cannot Provide A Price For The Work Without A Home Visit And The Customer Agrees, Please Note That If The Price Quoted By You Is Reasonable But Not Accepted By The Customer, The Customer Will  Be Required To Pay Rs.350 As Cancellation Charges If The Customer Does Not Take The Service ).
    6. If You Arrive At The Customer's Home For The Booked Service And The Customer Refuses Or Is Unable To Take The Service, The Customer  Will Pay You Rs 3 50 As Cancellation Charges.
    7. The Service Provider And The Customer Shall Treat Each Other With Dignity And Respect And Shall Not Cause Any Harm To Each Other.
    8. Both Customer And Service Provider Are Entitled To Take Legal Action Against Each Other For Breach Of This Contract. 
  2. Company Reserves The Right To Cancel Your Registration Immediately If You Do Not Show Up For The Service Agreed With The Customer Without Prior Notification, And Reasonable Cause You Will Have To Pay Cancellation Charges Of Rs.1000 To The Company.
  3. You Must Carry Your Original CNIC (National ID Card) With You When You Visit The Customer For Service Delivery. We Instruct Our Customers To Check Their CNIC (Identity Card) To Verify Your Identity. They Are Instructed Not To Let You In If You Do Not Show Them Your Original CNIC (Identity Card). In This Case, Your Booking Will Be Cancelled, And We Will Transfer The Service To Another Service Provider.
  4. You Will Not Give Out Your Number To The Customer, Ask The Customer To Book You Directly, Or Ask For The Customer's Contact Number. Even If The Customer Calls You Directly Or Tries To Book You Directly Now Or In The Future, You Will Decline And Immediately Notify Us On Our Helpline. This Is Strictly Against Your Agreement With Us, And We Reserve The Right To Immediately Cancel Your Registration As Well As Display You As A Prohibited Service Provider In The App, Which May Harm Anyone Using The Karsaaz App. The Person Is Completely Visible.
  5. Once You Have Completed Your Service And Received The Payment From The Customer, You Must Immediately Inform Our Customer Support Team On Our Helpline Number.
  6. Karsaaz App Is An Online Marketplace ( Bazaar ) That Only Facilitates the Matching Of Service Providers With Customers. Therefore Karsaaz App Does Not Take Any Responsibility For Rude Or Inappropriate Behavior By Any Customer. We, Service Providers, Are Instructed To Ensure Their Safety Routinely And Appropriately. Where Necessary, The Service Provider Reserves The Right To Report Any Inappropriate Behavior Directly To The Relevant Authorities. You May Contact Us. Such Incidents Should Also Be Reported To The Helpline So That We Can Cancel The Customer's Registration Required And Provide Information To Law Enforcement Agencies If Required.
    1. For The Safety Of Female Service Providers, They Are Strictly Instructed To Check The Original CNIC Of The Customer To Ensure Identity Verification Before Entering The Customer's Home.
  7. COVID-19 Guidelines: You Must Take All Necessary Precautions For The Health And Safety Of Yourself And Your Customers, Such As Wearing A Face Mask, Using Hand Sanitizer Frequently, And Avoiding Contact With Other People While Meeting Customers And Providing Your Services. A Distance Of At Least 2 Meters Should Be Maintained.
  8.  Karsaaz App Reserves The Right To Make Changes To The Detailed Terms And Conditions Without Any Notification To Its Users.

We talk to every customer after every service delivery to get customer feedback about you to ensure the quality of service.

If you fail to comply with any of the above conditions, we will disable your account and may take legal action against you if necessary.

To Become A Service Provider On Karsaaz App

In order to offer services as a service provider, you must be registered on the Karsaaz App. To become a service provider and offer your services on the Karsaaz app, you must:

  1. Be Of Legal Adult Age;
  2. You Can Legally Contract;
  3. Have The Proper Legal Status (Company, Sole Trader, Etc...) And Have Completed All Necessary Formalities With The Appropriate Organizations (Tax And Business Related, Etc.), Making You Legally A Service Provider. Can Practice Your Business And Issue Invoices To Customers Who Choose Your Business To Provide Services.
  4. No Criminal Record
  5. Accurately Provide All Information About Yourself And Your Business And Services
  6. Provide All Necessary Information And Documents Such As ID Card, Photo Etc. For Verification Of Your Identity And Background Check.
  7. Allow The Car Maker To Do Any Necessary Verification Like Identity Card Verification With NADRA, Police Verification Etc.

For Further Queries, Contact Karsaaz Helpline. Thank you for using the Karsaaz app.

Detailed Terms And Conditions


Company: Karsaaz Limited is a company registered in the UK (England and Wales) that owns the website (https://karsaaz.app) and the mobile apps on Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KarsaazPro.app) and iOS store (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/karsaaz-%DA%A9%D8%A7%D8%B1%D8%B3%D8%A7%D8%B2/id1568292047) and is responsible for publishing Karsaaz's services.

The website: Https://Karsaaz.App

The mobile Apps: Karsaaz mobile app on Android Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KarsaazPro.app) and iOS App Store (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/karsaaz-%DA%A9%D8%A7%D8%B1%D8%B3%D8%A7%D8%B2/id1568292047)

Karsaaz: refers to the website https://karsaaz.app and/or the Karsaaz mobile apps on Android Play Store and iOS App Store

Request: All data (information, sounds, photos, design, etc.) that a Client submits online on Karsaaz for the purposes of requesting a service.

Client: Individual or legal entity registered on Karsaaz who submits one or more requests for services or searches and finds service providers using the Karsaaz. This refers to the service requester.

Service Provider: Individual or legal entity registered on Karsaaz's website or mobile apps who publishes different types of data (information, sounds, photographs, design, etc.) for the purposes of offering services on Karsaaz's website or mobile apps. This refers to a service provider.

User: Individual or legal entity using the services of Karsaaz.

Client Account: The account opened by a Client when registering on Karsaaz for the purposes of making use of the services offered by Karsaaz.

Service Provider Account: The account opened by a Service Provider when registering on Karsaaz for the purposes of making use of the services offered by Karsaaz.

Quotes: Pricing and information provided by the Service Provider on Karsaaz for the purpose of responding to a Client's Request. Also called Offers.

Profile: Information published by a Service Provider registered on Karsaaz, containing all the information about the Service Provider's business and other information about the Service Provider.

Partner: Third-party company working with Karsaaz under a commercial business contract for the purpose of providing additional services or features for Users.

Agreement: the most updated version of the agreement between a Service Provider and a Client.

Agreed Price: agreed price for Services (including any variation) agreed upon between the Client and Service Provider before the start of the service. It does not include any additional costs incurred by the Service Provider when completing Services which the Client agrees to reimburse.

Cancellation Admin Fee: the Fee payable by a Client for canceling a Service Contract.

Consequential Loss: any loss, damage, or expense recoverable at law:

  • (A) Other Than A Loss, Damage Or Expense That Would Be Suffered Or Incurred By Any Person In A Similar Situation To The Person Suffering Or Incurring The Loss, Damage Or Expense; Or
  • (B) Which Is A Loss Of:
    • A. Opportunity Or Goodwill;
    • B. Profits, Anticipated Savings Or Business;
    • C. Data; Or
    • D. Value Of Any Equipment,

and any costs or expenses incurred in connection with the foregoing.

Fees: all fees payable to the Company by Users, including the Service Fee.

Identity Verification Services: the tools available to help verify the identity, qualifications, or skills of Users, including mobile phone verification, verification of payment information, References, integration with social media, etc.

Non-excludable Condition: any implied condition, warranty, or guarantee in a contract, the exclusion of which would contravene the law or cause any part of the contract to be void.

Service Fee: the fee payable by the Service Provider to the Company as consideration for the Company's Services (and comprised as part of the Agreed Price) displayed to a Service Provider prior to entering into each Service Contract.

Services: the services to be rendered as described in the request, including any variations or amendments agreed upon before or subsequent to the creation of a Service Contract.

Service Contract: the separate contract which is formed between a Client and a Service Provider for Services. In the absence of, or in addition to, any terms specifically agreed, the model terms of which are included in the Model Service Contract.

Service Provider Funds: the Agreed Price less the Service Fee.


The purpose of these Terms of Service or general conditions is to:

  • Set Out The Terms And Conditions Of Use Under Which The Company Sells Its Paid Services To Service Providers And Clients, Accessible Via Karsaaz.
  • Set Out The Rules Of Online Use Of All Services Provided By Karsaaz, Property Of The Company, As Well As The Rights And Obligations Of The Parties Involved.

These terms and conditions form a binding contract between the Company and you, the User, and apply at all times while using Karsaaz and the services provided by Karsaaz. These Terms of Service are applicable, without restriction or reservation, to all products and services included and offered as paid services by Karsaaz. The Company has the legal right to modify at any time its paid services or offerings, to add and/or change its products and services, and to add new features and/or functionalities to its existing paying and free system without being liable to any type of compensation claim on the part of the Service Provider or Client. These terms of use are available on the Karsaaz website or mobile apps. All data registered by Karsaaz constitutes proof of all transactions. If the Service Provider or Client registered on Karsaaz violates these terms at any time while using its services and platform, Karsaaz can block the User from using its services and deny temporarily or permanently his access to Karsaaz's website or mobile apps.

The Company owns exclusive rights to these Terms of Service. Any distribution, transmission, use, and/or reproduction of these Terms and conditions as a whole, in part, or in any form is strictly prohibited. Should these Terms and exclusive rights be breached, you will be liable and subject to legal action. As a User registered with Karsaaz, either as Client or as Service Provider, your express agreement to abide by these Terms unconditionally and fully is, by default, implied and acknowledged. The User can read these Terms and conditions via Karsaaz's website or mobile apps. The Company reserves the right to modify its Terms of Service (TOS or Terms of Use, Terms, and Conditions) at any time and without prior notice by publishing the updated version directly on its Karsaaz website or mobile apps. Clients and Service Providers must regularly review these Terms of Service in order to stay informed of any modifications made to them.

The Company provides an online service designed to publish free requests for services or search for service Providers via its website and mobile apps. The Company, via Karsaaz, enables service requesters, also known as Clients, to contact service providers, also known as Service Providers. Service requests are comprised of requests published by Clients, which request help from a Service Provider registered on our platform to perform the service or the services they require. The Service Providers can then submit a Quote for each Request that they are interested in.

The Company acts solely as a host and provides the following:

Technical tools and storage space that enables Service Providers on Karsaaz to register and share their Profiles, information about their business, and their Quotes through Karsaaz; and enables Clients to register and publish their requests for services; The technology used to match Service Providers and Clients via Karsaaz, enabling them to easily connect and communicate; The information provided by Service Providers and Clients via Karsaaz belongs to them and is their sole responsibility. The Company declines liability for any information or for the validity of the content displayed on a Service Provider's profile or a Client's account.

The Company can and may advertise to its Users via its Karsaaz platform, mobile, and email campaigns.

The Company is not a recruitment agency. The Company is not a temporary placement agency. The Company does not have an Employer status for the Service Providers listed on its website or mobile apps. The Service Providers are in no way subordinated to The Company while making use of the services our company makes available for them via Karsaaz.

The Company's objective and scope are solely to enable Clients and Service Providers to connect for a given project and the service requested and offered. The Company has no obligation, liability, duty or control of any nature whatsoever, with respect to the interactions between Clients and Service Providers which take place via its website or mobile apps, namely with regards to the absence of a Quote or response from a Service Provider to a published Request; the number of Quotes received for a published Request; the quality of the service provided by the Service Provider who replies to a Request; the quality of the published Requests sent to the Service Providers; the timeframe for providing the service offered by the Service Provider; the legal framework in which the service is provided by the Service Provider; the validity of the information provided by the Service Provider registered on Karsaaz and displayed on his public profile page; the validity of the Client's Request; etc.

To access and use the services provided by Karsaaz, users are solely responsible for ensuring that their system and our online platform at Karsaaz are compatible.



To offer services as a Service Provider, you must be registered on Karsaaz. To become a Service Provider and offer your services on Karsaaz, you must:

  • Be Of Legal Adult Age (If You Are An Actual Person);
  • Have The Legal Authority To Enter Into Contractual Relationships;
  • Not Be Banned From Managing, Administrating, Or Controlling A Business;
  • Have The Appropriate Legal Status (Company, Sole Trader, Etc...) And Have Completed All Necessary Formalities With The Appropriate Organisations (Tax And Business Related, Etc.), Allowing You To Legally Practice Your Business As A Service Provider And To Issue Invoices To Clients Who Choose Your Business To Provide A Service.
  • Have No Criminal Record
  • Provide All The Information About Yourself And Your Business And Services Accurately
  • Provide All Necessary Information, And Documentation For Your Identity Verification And Background Check, Such As CNIC, Etc.
  • Give Consent To The Company To Carry Out Any Necessary Verification Such As CNIC Verification With NADRA, Police Verification, Etc.
  • Have The Necessary Insurance To Cover Your Responsibility For Services That You Offer To Clients Via Karsaaz.
  • Accept That You Will Systematically Be In Bidding Against Peers.

Karsaaz allows all registered Service Providers to benefit from certain services as part of their relationship with Clients. Some of these services are free; others are paid. The terms applicable in both situations are detailed below.

Free and Paid services

1.1 The Company connects, automatically as well as manually and free of charge, registered Service Providers with matching jobs requested by Clients, based on criteria determined by the Service Provider, and which may be modified at any time: travel radius, availability, budget, type of service, etc.

1.2 Billing will only occur in the following circumstances: when there is an initial reply from a Client to a Service Provider (via a message sent through the platform); when a Client obtains a Service Provider's contact information through Karsaaz; when Karsaaz sends a Client's contact details to a Service Provider to deliver the requested service; when Client wants to connect with Service Provider through Karsaaz; when Service Provider makes use of Karsaaz for any aspect of the delivery of the service.

1.3 All replies by Service Providers to Clients' questions are completely free. Service Providers can also send free quotes to all matching Clients' requests. The price charged for accepting a Client's request is always displayed and will only be invoiced if the Client accepts the offer from the Service Provider, and Service Provider delivers the service against that request, as indicated in paragraph 1.2.

1.4 The Service Provider may access automatic messages sent by Karsaaz on his behalf in response to the Client's requests (as part of the free and automatic matching service described in section 1.1). The messages sent by the Service Provider to these requests are free. The Service Provider's access to a Client's telephone number will be charged and invoiced at the rate indicated on the client's request and which is the equivalent of a connection. From this point forward, the Service Provider can contact the client directly and shall pay the applicable fee to Karsaaz upon delivery of the requested Service to the Client (see 1.2).

1.5 Karsaaz is committed to connecting the Service Provider with a maximum number of Clients as soon as the criteria described in 1.1 are set by the Service Provider in such a way as to obtain a number of Clients which matches the Service Provider's settings.

1.6 Karsaaz provides an invoice for each service delivery made from the Service Provider's account (Payment History area). We send a weekly email that summarizes the situation (expenses, service deliveries).

1.7 In order to make full use of our services, all Service Providers must indicate at least one valid payment method (either a credit card or an authorized payment partner). Once the payment method has been registered, it can be used for all purchases made by the Service Provider. If the primary payment method as indicated in the Service Provider's Account is expired, invalid, or, for any reason, may not be debited, the Service Provider agrees that Karsaaz may proceed to use the second payment method where applicable as indicated in the Service Provider's Account.

1.8 Cancellations and refunds. For any cancellation or refund requests, please contact us via email at: [email protected] no later than thirty (30) days after billing. No claim will be issued after the thirty (30) day period. If you deactivate your account before we process your case, we will not be able to process your request. No monetary refund will be issued if the charge complies with the conditions presented in terms of Services.

1.9 The credits awarded by our Customer Service and added to your Karsaaz account are valid for 1 month, starting from the day they were added to your account. After 1 month, if they have not been used, they will automatically expire.


By registering on Karsaaz and creating a Request, you become a Client. As a Client, you authorize registered Service Providers to view and to reply to your requests. You authorize the Company to match your requests through its platform with suitable Service Providers and to share with them the required information from your Account. You also authorize the Company to share your requests with Partners, thus allowing them also to distribute your requests on their own website or mobile apps and Partners' networks with the aim of reaching out to a greater number of Service Providers potentially in a position to meet your requirements.

To access the Company's services, all Clients of the Company must create a Client Account on Karsaaz. If you decide you no longer want to use your Client Account, you can deactivate or delete it by sending an email requesting to do so to: [email protected] After deleting your data or your requests, or in the event of account deactivation, it is possible that copies of the data related to your account remain visible, as they have been shared with other Users of the Company.

Clients are solely responsible for the Requests they post online on Karsaaz. The Company may not be deemed to be a recruiter. The Company cannot be deemed to be a temping or recruitment agency, nor an employer or an agent on behalf of its Users. The Company has no legal obligation to ensure results regarding the responses provided to your requests. In order to enable your Client Account to work properly, you agree to:

  • Not Provide A False Identity Nor Any Type Of False Information,
  • Create Only One Account,
  • Not Create A Client Account On Behalf Of A Third Party Without Their Knowledge And Authorization.

The Company provides several paid options to Clients allowing them to highlight their requests to Service Providers on the website or mobile apps.

Each Request must originate from a real Client who requires a service.

It is strictly forbidden to use the Company's services to post requests or any type of content that:

Does not comply with the laws and regulations of the country where the request or content are published; breaches or does not comply with the country's labour law; may be perceived as discriminatory; contains advertisements for the Company 's competitors (advertisement for a competitor, link to a competitor's website or mobile apps, etc.); sells or advertises products or services; presents franchises, distribution deals, concessions or commercial agencies, pyramid schemes, club memberships or multi-level selling; targets sex, human trafficking or illegal human organ trafficking; promotes a political party, program, political position or topic, or benefits a specific religion; does not contain a genuine requirement for a service; has the sole purpose of gathering information about the Quotes offered by the Service Providers on the platform in order to share the information gathered with one or more competitors of same Service Providers; aims to post the same Request repeatedly in an attempt to receive more Quotes.

The Company may, at its sole discretion, delete any requests and/or content published on Karsaaz which does not comply with the terms of service or which is harmful and damaging to the Company's brand or image, or to any Service Provider or Client using the Company's services.

In order to make full use of our services, you must indicate at least one valid payment method (either a credit card or an authorized payment partner). Once the payment method has been registered, it may be used for all purchases made.

If the primary payment method, as indicated in your Account, has expired, is invalid, or, in any event, seems impossible to debit, you agree that Karsaaz may proceed to use the second payment method where applicable as indicated in your Account.


Service Providers and Clients using the Company's Services must refrain from:

Transmitting on Karsaaz's platform any prohibited, illicit, or illegal content or any information that may constitute an abuse of rights (e.g. escort services, sale of firearms or firearm parts and related services, sale of prescription drugs and related services, etc.), or that may be contrary to public order and/or morality, or that may be used to exert a threat or pressure of any nature, kind or form, or that is contrary to or contradicts any intellectual or industrial property laws or copyrights, or that has been obtained or used by any type of infringement, crime or misdemeanour; Endangering the security of Karsaaz (attempts to control, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network; violations of security or authentication measures; violations or attempts to violate the system's or the network's security); Sending unsolicited letters, emails, faxes or contacting by phone any Service Provider or Client using the Company's services with the purpose of promoting any type of products or services; Making commercial use of any of Karsaaz's elements or data; Using the Company's services for a purpose other than that originally intended by the website or mobile apps; Opening an Account or creating a profile with the sole intention of promoting or selling any products or services; Using Karsaaz to promote one's own services or products using SPAM or repetitive requests for services.

These behaviors may lead to civil and/or criminal lawsuits. The Company may appeal to the judicial authorities in order to criminally prosecute Users who have been part of such violations. In the event that you fail to comply with any of the prohibitions detailed above, the Company may temporarily revoke your access to Karsaaz or permanently revoke your access to Karsaaz.

All the Company's content (information, texts, graphics, videos, images, logos, icons, files, etc.) is the exclusive property of the Company. All content is protected by copyright, trademark law, authors' rights, and intellectual property law. No Service Provider nor Client using the Company's services has the right to use any type of content belonging to the Company in a context (other website or mobile apps, other location, intranet, extranet, etc.) other than Karsaaz. All code created by the Company to display or generate its content on Karsaaz and on Karsaaz's webpages is protected by intellectual property law and you should not attempt to copy nor modify any piece of code at the risk of criminal prosecution.


The Company offers an exclusively online service via Karsaaz's platform, with the sole intent of posting requests for services from Clients with requirements and providing them with Quotes from Service Providers specifically tailored to their requests. By using the Company's services on Karsaaz's platform, as a Service Provider, you will have access to several requests for services from Clients, and you will receive requests for services matching your skills (based on the information provided on your Profile). To connect with a Client, you need to send them a Quote (offer + price). Once you send a Quote for a service, you are committing yourself to carry out that service at the time, at the place, and under the conditions stipulated by the Client. If the Client accepts your Quote, you should reach out to the Client as soon as possible using the phone number that he will provide you with or using the private messaging available in Karsaaz, so you may both agree on all the specific details of the service requested. You should arrive on time, be fully prepared to do the work requested and be polite in all circumstances. The Service Provider selected to perform a given service is the one whose Quote (offer + price) is accepted by the Client. Once the Service Provider has ended the service agreed with the Client, only the Client is able to confirm if the service was, in fact, successfully completed, and is also the only person able to leave a review & feedback about the Service Provider's performance. This feedback is given without any interference from the Company. Consequently, the Company will not be held liable for the reviews given, nor may Service Providers or Clients demand any type of action from the Company, nor that they control and/or validate in any way the opinions expressed about the service provided by the Service Provider to the Client.

The Company acts solely as an intermediary. The Company is not responsible for the Service Providers' status nor for their legal ability to issue invoices. The Service Providers are solely responsible for their taxes, for complying with tax regulations regarding the revenues obtained from the services provided to the Clients, and for complying with social security regulations in accordance with their country's legislation.

In the context of using the services of the Company, as a Client, you have access to Service Providers' Profiles via Karsaaz. You agree to use these Profiles adhering to the General Terms and Conditions, current laws and regulations, and data protection rules. You agree to take all appropriate steps to protect the information which you obtain when viewing the Profiles, namely steps against theft, malicious use, unauthorized access, publication for commercial use, modification, or deletion.
The Service Providers alone create their Profile. The Company in no way guarantees the accuracy or the veracity of these Profiles and the associated content. The Company reserves the right to restrict the amount of data that Clients can access. The Company may change these restrictions at any time and at its sole discretion. When you publish a Request for a service, the Company automatically selects the most suitable Service Providers for your Request.
Service Providers who are interested in your Request will send you their Quotation. You may choose the Quotation which best suits you. Once you have selected a Quotation, there is an exchange of contact details between the Client and the Service Provider. At the end of the job, the Client can leave a review & an evaluation of the Service Provider.


The Company is committed to making every effort to implement all procedures within its power to limit risks with regard to malicious intrusions, hacking or the deployment of any virus on its server and/or on Karsaaz's platform. The Company is also committed to making every possible effort to ensure the security of the content displayed at Karsaaz. Despite the Company's best efforts regarding the aforementioned, the Company is unable to fully guarantee that such an event will not occur. Therefore the Company will not be liable and declines any responsibility in the event of any malicious intrusions, hacking, or the deployment of any virus on its server and/or on Karsaaz's platform and/or in the emails sent.

In spite of all precautions taken by the Company's team to ensure that all the information transmitted through Karsaaz's platform is true and correct, the Company will not be liable for any false information and/or any false requests for services sent to Service Providers, nor for any false information and/or Quotes sent to the Clients, neither for any direct, indirect or consequential damage arising from any of the aforementioned. The Company will not be liable, under any circumstances, for the outcomes of the requests for services, namely if they do not satisfy the Client regarding the number of replies received from Service Providers or the type of offers presented in the Quotes received, or even with regards to the quality and features of the products or services offered by Service Providers. The Company does not intervene in the negotiations between Clients and Service Providers, which are established following a Request for a service being posted on Karsaaz's platform, and the Company will not be liable in the event of any dispute arising between the two parties.

The Client is responsible for checking the information provided by the Service Provider in order to ensure the competence of the latter to successfully carry out the proposed services. The Company will not be held responsible and declines any civil and/or criminal liability for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages arising from the relation established between Clients and Service Providers.

As a User, you agree that you will not make any claims, bring proceedings or request compensation (including any related legal fees) against the Company with regards to any type of Service Provider or Client content that you have provided on Karsaaz's platform, nor for your use of the Company's content, nor for any infringements to third party rights' by you, nor for your breach of the terms stipulated on these Terms of Service.

The Company will not be liable, under any circumstance, in the event of any system malfunction which is beyond its control, namely any type of network interruption, telephone, or Internet malfunction. The Company will not be liable in the event of force majeure circumstances (namely a strike, an Internet failure, etc.).

Karsaaz's platform includes links to third-party websites or mobile apps. The Company will not be held responsible for the hypertext links to other websites or mobile apps. The Company cannot be held responsible for any hyperlinks which lead to Karsaaz's platform. If you access any of this third-party websites or mobile apps, you do so at your own risk.

The User is advised that The Company or other partner websites or mobile apps may use cookies and Tag actions (identifiers) with the sole intention of measuring the efficiency of its services. All information collected by these companies via cookies or Tag actions is entirely anonymous. However, the User has the option of refusing the cookies and the Tag actions by simply changing his Internet browser settings. Should the User decide to change these settings, the User may not be able to benefit from all the features and services offered on Karsaaz's platform.

Karsaaz's platform is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of any possible breakdown or of any maintenance required to ensure the proper functioning of the website or mobile apps. The Company reserves the right to interrupt Karsaaz's services at any time and for whatever reason, and this will not entitle Users to damages or compensation.



Should The Company be considered liable, its liability for any damages suffered as a result of Karsaaz's use or The Company's services and/or Karsaaz's content will be limited to the sum of one thousand (1000) Pakistani rupees, regardless of the nature of the liability, whether it is a contractual, a tortious, partly tortious or criminal liability.


The Company reserves the right to refuse the use of its services immediately to any User, without any prior notification nor any type of compensation, and without prejudice to any possible compensation due to The Company, in the event of non-compliance by any User of any of his obligations as referenced in these Terms of Service, and particularly in the event of an act of piracy or attempted illegal use of any information present on Karsaaz's platform that is found to have been caused or originated by a User's post. The Company will inform the User of its decision via email, phone, or other means.

The only rights and resources available exclusively to you, as a User, in the event of general dissatisfaction with the website or mobile apps, the services provided, or any other complaint are the termination and the complete cancellation of your access and use of the website or mobile apps.


The website (https://karsaaz.app) and Karsaaz mobile apps are the property of the Company. All the elements which make up Karsaaz's platform comply with legislation on copyright, trademark law, and general intellectual property law, be it with regards to the form, the components of its architecture, structure, forms, texts, features, and graphics, or to any other data which is the exclusive property of the Company. You agree not to use these elements and codes. You agree not to allow the use of these elements and codes by any person for illegal and unauthorized purposes. Any reproduction, modification, publication, the total or partial transmission of these Karsaaz's elements and codes in any context or by any means with the intent to sell, resale, retransmit or make available to a third party in any way is expressly forbidden (more generally, any non-authorized usage by the Company of Karsaaz's website or mobile apps and any information shared on it is expressly forbidden). Failure to comply with these restrictions constitutes a serious offense that may result in civil or criminal liability for the counterfeiter. By publishing or displaying any Service Provider or Client-related content on Karsaaz's platform, you authorize the Company with a non-exclusive, worldwide right not subject to royalties, to reproduce, adapt, disclose and publish both Service Provider- or Client-related content, with the purpose of promoting and developing the Company's services. The Company is not responsible for the content's provenance. The Company reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to refuse, accept, publish, display or transmit any and all content. By submitting content to a public section of Karsaaz's platform, you give all Service Providers and Clients the right to access, search, display, save and reproduce the aforementioned content for their own personal use.


In accordance with the regulations of Pakistan’s data protection regulations, any automatic processing of any personal data by Karsaaz complies with these regulations. Users are advised that information provided on the forms they fill in while using Karsaaz's platform is required to ensure the processing of their requests and for generating invoices, among other things. The data is collected in order to allow communication between Clients and Service Providers. Some information may, however, be disclosed or sold to the Company's partners. Some information requested on the forms is mandatory. In such cases, the User must provide the information requested. The User agrees not to provide and not to share on the website or mobile apps any kind of false data and also acknowledges that he is solely responsible or the legal owner of the information he provides. The User is also advised that personal data with regard to the use of or access to the platform (IP address, date, time, session duration, etc.) is liable to be recorded each time the website or mobile app is visited. This information is stored and analyzed to locate and identify fraudulent Users. By registering on Karsaaz's platform, the User accepts and agrees to receive newsletters, promotional offers, and marketing communications from Karsaaz or from its partners by email. If the User would prefer not to receive the aforementioned promotional offers and not to participate in our personalized marketing campaigns, he may indicate this by sending an email to [email protected]. The User is advised that he has the legal right to access and rectify his data. These rights may be exercised by sending an email to: [email protected]. The personal information and personal data with regards to the User, which is collected at the time of registration at Karsaaz, during access and use of Karsaaz's platform, and upon the creation of an Account, are used by the Company to allow the User to fully benefit from the Company's services. Furthermore, the Company reserves the right to transmit any personal information and personal data provided by the User if required to comply with a legal obligation, in the event of a claim related in any way to the User's personal information, or if the content provided violates any of the other Users' rights, or if requested to do so by any relevant administrative or legal authority, or if required to comply with any judicial, administrative, or independent administrative authority's decision, the Company will not be considered liable for any damages to Users, resulting from a third party not complying with the privacy policy or the security measures in effect on Karsaaz's platform. If any such event should occur, the User may promptly report it to us by sending an email to [email protected]. Although proof of identity may be requested, the User has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete his data, either by directly accessing his own Account or by sending an email to the following email address: [email protected].

We authorize basic information about Service Providers provided by third-party data providers who collect this type of information from public documents and other public sources. We also gather information about Service Providers through our Users, who help us to correct the data we have online, or who inform us about the opening of a new business. Please do not hesitate to contact us to advise us of any updates or rectifications required from us by writing an email to: [email protected].


In the event of a dispute arising from or related to these Terms of Service, including any question regarding the interpretation, execution, and/or implementation of any of its sections, and in the event that no settlement can be reached between the parties involved, the relevant governing law and jurisdiction clauses apply. These Terms of Service are governed by the laws of the country.


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