Home Repair Services in Pakistan

Home Repair and Maintenance - Other Services

Home Repair and Maintenance - Other Services

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    Curtain Installation or Repair

    Rs.499 (estimated)

    Starting From

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    Carpet Installation or Repair

    Rs.999 (estimated)

    Starting From

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    Home Renovation

    Rs.999 (estimated)

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    Office Renovation

    Rs.1999 (estimated)

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    Handyman Services

    Rs.250 (estimated)

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    House or Office Maintenance and Repair

    Rs.250 (estimated)

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    Roof Leakage and Seepage Repair

    Rs.1099 (estimated)

    Subject to Survey

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    Roof Waterproofing

    Rs.1099 (estimated)

    Subject to Survey

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    Roof Heatproofing

    Rs.1099 (estimated)

    Subject to Survey

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    Bathroom Leakage and Seepage Repair

    Rs.999 (estimated)

    Starting From

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    Wall Dampness (Saim and Kular)Treatment

    Rs.1099 (estimated)

    Starting From

Full-Service Home Maintenance & Repair In Pakistan

In a world of chaos and damage, Karsaaz is your Guardian Angel. Like our overall well-being, our home also requires care and attention. Most of the time, we find it hard to contact a trustworthy home repair and maintenance company near us. Everyone is indulged in their daily routine, and they sometimes find it impossible to reach out to home repair contractors.

When it comes to home improvement services, Karsaaz in Pakistan is your handyman buddy. We provide an easy and innovative option for all homeowners residing specifically in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. We are expanding our services because of the response we’re getting from our beloved customers.

Many homeowners are using our Website and Karsaaz App in Pakistan from the convenience of their homes. You don’t have to go out and search for home improvement locally anymore. With just via few clicks, you’ll get our excellent handyman with all equipment at home to fix all issues.

Don't Fix It On Your Own - Leave It To Karsaaz Home Service Pros

Our team of qualified home remodels experts is always one call away. We provide the following home repair and maintenance services: 

  • Curtain Installation Or Repair

  • Carpet Installation Or Repair

  • Home Renovation

  • Handyman Services

  • Roof Leakage And Seepage Repair

  • Roof Waterproofing

  • Roof Heatproofing

  • Water Tank Cleaning Service

  • House Or Office Maintenance And Repairs Services

  • Bathroom Leakage And Seepage Repair

  • Wall Dampness Treatment

And much more!

Make Your Home Look Modern & Elegant - Contact Karsaaz Home Repair Near You

Your home can show damage when you least expect it. There are many common signs that indicate you need home repair services from Karsaaz today:

  • Bumpy Floor

  • Sagging Ceilings

  • Wrong Wiring Connections

  • Deteriorating Paint

  • Door Gaps

  • Insufficient Water Drainage 

  • Sticky Doors And Windows

  • Leaking Faucet

  • Noisy Washing Machine

These are just a few signs; however, many homeowners notice their foundation once it gets out of their hands. Don’t take these home repairs and maintenance for granted; your negligence may lead to bigger problems like structural damage or safety issues for your beloved family. 

Our expert electrical repairer can fix all your issues to keep your home good as new. We love to maintain, repair, and remodel homes so that you can stay in them forever. Every home has a story of its own, and we want it to be beautiful and restorative. 

If you are looking for an affordable and easy way to fix your home, download our App to call our home repair contractors today.

Perks Of Hiring A Karsaaz Home Remodel Professional

Makes your home even more priceless

Did you know that your home is a valuable asset, don’t let it loose it’s worth over a few repairs. Our Karsaaz home repair specialists will take care of all fuss so that your property remains priceless forever, no matter what.

Prolongs the lifespan of appliances

We know how terrible you feel when your washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, or other appliances go broke. We assure you that your appliances will be able to serve you more through our appliance repair services. Don’t delay and call appliance repairs near me today.

Save time & money

We believe it is high time to save money and time because both are precious. Karsaaz has facilitated homeowners for many years with affordable pricing options without compromising standards. Our expert house repair experts get the task done in a hassle-free, convenient, and short time.

They come fully equipped

This is one of the most surprising benefits of booking your repairs with us. Our home repair and maintenance team comes fully prepared to your doorstep. We have all equipment that is needed to fix your damage. 

Homeowners - Karsaaz Home Care Maintenance Is For You!

We know you love your house more than anything else in this world, and so do we. However, this is always a great idea to check on your home every week, month, or at least once a year because you never know what’s coming your way. Even if a minor repair is required, don’t do it on your own; it will only work for the time being. We are experts, and we’ll take care of it for you. We won’t let you down. Don’t just take our word for it. Call our handyman and see the magic we can do!

KARSAAZ Home Maintenance & Repair - Because We Care To Fix It Right!

Serving In

Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi.

Services Offered

Home Maintenance In Lahore

Professional Cleaning In Lahore

Painter And Furniture Polish In Lahore

Carpenter Service In Lahore

Appliances Installation Or Repair

Frequently Asked Questions!

What areas do you serve?

Our maintenance and repair services are operational in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. However, we are planning to expand our services because of the continuous success and love we are receiving from our customers.

What services are you currently offering?

All our services are functional, starting from Curtain Installation Or Repair, Carpet Installation Or Repair, and Home Renovation to House Or Office Maintenance And Repairs Services. 

Why should I hire your handymen?

We are a reputable and trustworthy company operating in the bigger cities of Pakistan with more than thousands of customers. Our professional and friendly staff fixes all damages as if they never existed.

How can I contact you for home improvement services?

Our mobile-friendly website and Karsaaz App are both the best ways for you to connect to us and contact our skilled professionals in no time.

What sets Karsaaz apart from other home remodeling service providers?

Unlike our rivals, we have empowered our clients to add recommendations and reviews of our services. Give us feedback and constructive criticism on our work. We enjoy hearing from all of you.

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