furniture and wood polishing

Furniture and Wood Polish

Furniture and Wood polish

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Furniture and Wood Polish

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Professional Furniture and Wood Polishing Service in Pakistan

Is your old woodwork ready to be repaired and refinished? When was the last time you polished your wooden furniture? Many years ago, right?  If that's the case, you've arrived to the right place. When it comes to high-quality wood furniture polishing, Karsaaz is the place to go.

Using natural waxes, oils, and polish, we can restore your wooden furniture to a beautiful gloss and seal in the stain. Our team is committed to creating the best wood furniture polish that will last for many years.

Benefits of Getting Our Furniture Polish Service in Pakistan

Our furniture polish's first and most crucial purpose is to keep your wood work appearing fresh and shiny. It also makes vital contributions to the preservation of your furniture, which are as follow:

  • It preserves the beauty of the furniture.

  • It keeps termites from eating your furnishings.

  • It gives your furniture an instant sheen.

  • It helps to fix scratches and dents in wood furniture.

  • It connects to the hardwood floor for durability.

  • It keeps water and other specific liquids from penetrating the hardwood surface.

  • It has an important function in extending the life of the furniture.

We can repair wood furniture with minor scratches, chipped edges, or severe dents. Protect the aesthetic appeal of your furniture by not allowing blemished wood to become an eyesore.

Instead of tossing away or selling your damaged furniture, call us and leave the rest to our team of wood furniture restoration professionals. You can trust our polishing professionals to restore your items to brand-new condition. Our professionals will do everything whether it is a little Polish work or complete restoration.

Types of Furniture Polishing Services We Offer in Pakistan

You may select from several types of furniture polishing we offer to give your furniture a smooth and glossy sheen!


This polish is a modern technique for polishing furniture. The completed product is translucent with a solid protective coating. Our varnish finish brings out the inherent tones and textures in the wood. 

French Polish

This is the most traditional technique of furniture polishing. It generates thin layers over a high glossy surface to form strong colour contrast. Our professionals apply a thin layer of Shellac dissolved in denatured alcohol, resulting in the most exquisite timber finish.

Melamine Polish

This polish requires using the organic component melamine and formaldehyde to make melamine resin. This polish is used in Pakistani and Indian households, most likely due to its greater endurance than French polishing. This polish is resistant to both fire and heat.

Lacquer Polishing

Our lacquer polishing dries the quickest on hardwood furniture and requires multiple thin coats. The resulting layer is more durable than Shellac. Because lacquer dries, there is little danger of dust settling on the surface of the polished wood, resulting in a dust-free finish.

Why are we Better than Local Wood Polishers in Pakistan?

We believe in providing a hassle-free service to our consumers with the ultimate goal of achieving customer happiness. When it comes to furniture polishing in Pakistan, our experts have earned the title of best furniture polishing services in Pakistan.

  • Timely services

  • Professional and trained wood polishing experts

  • At-home wood polishing service

  • Verified professionals

  • Affordable rates

Revive your Furniture's Shine with Us!

Buying antique and wooden furniture is expensive, so you must discover the best preservation technique. Hiring our trustworthy furniture repair and restoration professionals is the finest option. There is no need to visit the shops in search of new furniture! Our craftsmen will make your old furniture look brand new. Call us immediately to make a good investment in your furniture's future.

Frequently Asked Questions!

How can I find wood polishing services near me?

You can use the Google search engine to locate polishers near you, but you will find the best wood furniture polishing experts through the Karsaaz app. Download our Karsaaz app to get the most economical rates around you. You can get hassle-free furniture polishing services at the comfort of your home.

How can I get to know about the latest deals and discounts?

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest deals offered on all our services.

In which cities do you offer your wood and furniture polishing services?

We operate in major cities across Pakistan, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi.

What is your wood polishing price?

You can get your furniture polished for as low as Rs 499/- through our wood polishing service.

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