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Fumigation Services

Highly professional and expert fumigation service for controlling such as lizards, cockroaches, mosquitos, and other insects

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Fumigation Services

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The Most Effective Fumigation Services in Pakistan

Karsaaz is a company that specializes in fumigating commercial and residential buildings in Pakistan. We provide dependable fumigation solutions for companies such as manufacturing, agriculture, warehousing, and residential fumigation.

The treatment process entails the use of pesticide spray. You can rely on our efficient fumigation service to maintain your property pest-free and in accordance with health and safety laws. The service is meant to eliminate flying and crawling pests, making it an excellent anti-infestation option. We provide a variety of pest treatments and may assist you with the following:

  • Bed bug extermination

  • Fumigation for pests

  • Fumigation for fleas

  • Fumigation of cockroaches

  • Rodent treatment

Our Main Fumigation Services in Pakistan

Property managers, landlords, real estate representatives, and other individuals who contact us with their pest problems have their pest control needs met by our company. Homeowners receive the same high level of care. Here are some fumigation services we offer our customers living in Pakistan.

Termite Treatment

To create a termite barrier, we apply the most advanced drill-fill-seal method. This procedure is simple, non-messy, and risk-free.

Pest Control Services

Insects are clever creatures. Though harmless, they may be a nuisance if they creep into your house or workplace. Our team provides the best pest control services in your area so that your space can be pest-free and safe to live in. We ensure no signs of bed bugs or pests are left behind.

Dengue Mosquito Treatment

Mosquitoes are notorious for transmitting severe illnesses, including malaria and dengue fever. We offer effective mosquito control for your homes and offices. The major purpose is to keep mosquitoes away from houses and families.

Food Processing Fumigation Services

Our employees have been educated and experienced in fumigating mill machinery, spice processing gear, and other food processing equipment. The fumigation gas seeps into the floors and walls, eliminating any insects or rodents that may be sheltering.

Our Fumigation Process

Our fumigation techniques entail keeping and treating materials for an extended time in an airtight enclosure. This is done to remove insect infestations, and the most significant part is that the method has no adverse side effects.

Our fumigation is one of Pakistan's most popular pest management procedures because it effectively reduces pests inside and outside the airtight enclosure.

We use aluminum phosphate and magnesium phosphate as fumigants to eradicate pests from places. Fumigants are available in tablet and granule forms that may be readily blended with food.

We have well-qualified specialists that understand how to manage harmful fumigants. They also provide all required information regarding the fumigants so that the clients have no difficulties utilizing them.

High-Quality Fumigation Services in Your Area!

Whether you have an ant problem, a spider phobia, or can hear rats or other rodents racing around in your walls, you need a professional team with the equipment and skills to solve your situation best.

Do you require fumigation services for your residence or business? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll do a free inspection before scheduling any necessary fumigation. We make sure that the fumigation is done safely. For Services, visit our app, karsaaz app.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What do you charge for fumigation services in Pakistan?

Our rates are affordable for all our customers starting from Rs 1500.

What are your working hours for pest control service?

We understand that pests can show up anytime. Thus we are glad to offer treatments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Calls can be placed at any time at our customer support center.

How can I change the service time?

You must log in if you have our online app. You will be able to see all your details and you can then change them as required. If you still don't have an online account, you may easily make one at your convenience.

How many exterminators will you send to my home?

Usually, just one pest controller is dispatched to a location. Nevertheless, two exterminators may be sent depending on the severity of the infestation and the customized service package.

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