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Full Body & Face Sugar Wax

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Full Body & Face Sugar Wax

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Get Smooth Skin With Full Body Sugar Wax Service In Rawalpindi

Are you tired of ingrown hairs on your hands and legs? Isn't it true that they make your body appear irritating, filthy, and just visually unappealing? Karsaaz’s Full-body sugar waxing is the next hair removal technique you'll be crazy about.

Our Sugaring service eliminates unwanted hair in the natural direction of growth by putting a combination of lemon juice, sugar, and water to the skin and then peeling it off alongside the hair. 

Sugar waxing has also been used as an efficient cosmetic treatment since the ancient Egyptians, who regarded a hairless body as a symbol of royalty, wealth, and prosperity.

Difference Between Our Body Sugar Waxing And Normal Waxing Services In Rawalpindi

Sugar, primarily fructose and glucose, lemon juice, and water are all added to the sugar waxing mixture. Our sugar mixture is applied at room temperature. Our waxing professionals in Rawalpindi prepare it ahead of time and let it cool down, whereas normal/regular wax is applied while it is warm.

In most cases, normal is warmed and applied using a wooden spatula. Wax mixtures at regular salons can include various components, the most common of which is rosin which can have many harmful effects.  

Excellent Benefits of Getting Karsaaz Sugar Wax Service in Rawalpindi

Gets Rid Of The Peach Fuzz

Our sugar wax removes peach fuzz, baby hair, vellus hair, floss, fleece, fur, patch, whiskers, or whatever you want to call it! We're talking about fine and short strands that haven't yet advanced to the rank of 'hair' and cover the face and body.

They are often fine, short, and thinly embedded in the epidermis, making them easy to extract using our sweet sugar wax.

Less Painful Than Traditional Waxing

Our sugar waxing method removes hair in the direction of growth. This causes less damage to the hair, less possibility of breaking, and less pain, and thus reduces the chance of ingrown hairs.

Much Better For Your Skin

Your skin is not the same in every area of your body. Whether it's the temperature, your water intake, clothing, or something else, your skin will experience dry, flaky, dull, spotty, strawberry, and rough skin sooner or later. This is where our sugar wax’s exfoliating ability will wow you.

The sugar wax handmade by our experts binds only to dead cells, which generally contributes to the problems mentioned. The removal procedure results in an exfoliation unlike anything you've ever encountered.

Why Choose Our Sugar Wax Service In Rawalpindi?

With the addition of our full-body sugar wax services near you, you can now order our waxing services from your home. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us over a regular salon in Rawalpindi:

Relaxing Atmosphere

We provide a well-integrated variety of at-home full-body sugar waxing treatments at the ease of your home.

Trained And Verified Wax Professionals

Karsaaz at home salon services believes in working with the highest level of professionalism. As a result, only experienced and qualified wax professionals serve our clients in Rawalpindi.

Genuine Sugar Wax Products

Our professionals use quality and outstanding sugar wax products to ensure long-lasting and smooth finishes. Our experts exclusively use high-quality sugar wax ingredients. In fact, we allow you to use your own products and simply call our experts for services.

Affordable And Transparent Rates

All of our at-home salon services in Rawalpindi are reasonable and budget-friendly since we believe in a 100% transparent price system.

Book Our Full Body Sugar Waxing Service In Rawalpindi For The Best Results!

What more do you require? Our traditional waxing procedures are evolving with the times. It's time for you to switch and use sugar wax at-home service in Rawalpindi. Make an appointment with the free app right now to get rid of that unpleasant hair that is ruining your identity every day.

For more information, visit our website, www.karsaz.app.

Frequently Asked Questions!

How can I book a sugar wax service near me in Rawalpindi?

You can book the best sugar wax experts through our free app. Download the app, book the service you want, and get the best salon treatments from the comfort of your home.

What is the sugar wax cost offered at your company?

You can get full body sugar wax at a discounted rate of Rs 1999/- only. This offer is valid for a limited time only.

Is it better to get an at-home waxing service in Rawalpindi through you rather than visiting a salon?

Definitely! Our beauticians offer all the beauty treatments from the comfort of your home. They have many years of experience and maintain the highest hygienic standards while regular salons have an untidy environment and you will have to wait for your turn in long queues.

What other types of wax do your professionals offer in Rawalpindi?

We offer all sorts of Rica wax, fruit, and honey wax apart from sugar wax.

Can I get my face waxed using sugar wax?

Waxing your face is very safe. Because this body area is more delicate, more attention is required. It is acceptable to have your face waxed, but only by specialists and experts like us.

What is the difference between your sugar wax service and fruit wax service?

Making sugar wax at home involves caramelizing sugar, water, and lemon. Fruit wax is an excellent cosmetic wax manufactured with natural materials and has exceptional hair hold that removes hair from the root.

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