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Frequently Asked Question!

1. How Can I Join Karsaaz App as a Service Provider?

Just Download the App from one of the below links and join as a Service Provider. Download Links: 
Apple link: Https://Tinyurl.Com/Hjnzs476
Android Link: Https://Tinyurl.Com/Pukc72sb

2. Is there a joining fee for Karsaaz App for Service Providers?

There is no fees for downloading Karsaaz App and registering as a Service Provider. Service Providers join for FREE.

3. Do users need to pay any % or service fee when booking a service at Karsaaz App?

There is no service fee for users to pay when taking as service from Karsaaz App. Users join as well as use Karsaaz App for FREE.

4. Does Karsaaz App give any Warranty for the Service too?

Yes, all Home Maintenance Services are covered by 15 Days Service Warranty.

5. As a User, how do I pay for a Service?

At the moment, users pay in cash for the service taken.

6. As a Service Provider, how do I book for a Service?

Users can request for a Service in the App (just download the App from the below links). Users can also request for a service by calling at the helpline 0331-1110145. 

Apple link: Https://Tinyurl.Com/Hjnzs476
Android Link: Https://Tinyurl.Com/Pukc72sb

7. Can I book an Urgent Service for the same day?

Yes, we can arrange a service for you within an hour or less in case of urgency. You can request an urgent service through the App or by calling at our helpline 0331-1110145.

8. What does Verified Service Providers mean?

For the safety of our clients, we do mutiple verifications of all the Service Providers. This includes:

1. Verification of ID
2. Verification of Photo
3. Verification of Mobile
4. Verification from Police

All our Service Providers are fully verified. 

9. What are the hours of operation?

Our Business hours are 8AM - 10PM, Monday - Sunday.

10. What Services are provided by Karsaaz App?

Karsaaz App provides services in the below 3 categories: 

1. Home Repair & Maintenance Services (Plumber, Electrician, AC Services, Painter & Decorator, Carpenter, Appliance Installation & Repair, Professional Cleaning)
2. Beauty & Personal Care Services (at-home Service for Makeup, Hair Cutting/Styling, Hair Treatments, Skin Treatment, Nails, Facial, etc.)
3. Professional Tailors (with home delivery Service)

11. What cities and areas/locations do you operate in?

Karsaaz App is providing Services in the entire Lahore currently. 

12. If I am hapoy with the service of a service provider, can I re-book the same Service Provider in the future?

Yes. If you are happy with the service, you can re-book the same service provider in the future too. In fact Karsaaz App is the only App where you can choose from multiple service providers after looking at their offered prices for the work, overall service current ratings/reviews and service providers' complete profiles. 

13. Can I book a Service by just calling on the helpline every time?

Although our very friendly customer support team is always happy to book a service as well as receive any of your queries on the helpline, we highly encourage our customers to download the App and book through the App. This is so that you could enjoy the feature of complete tracking of the service in the App. Booking through our App also builds your history of the services taken through us which enables you become eligible for loyalty rewards for customers. Having Karsaaz App on your phone also means that the customers do not miss any news, rewards announcements and notifications that are sent via App from time to time.  

14. What if I am unsatisfied with the service of a provider or have a compaint to report?

Throughout your service journey, you have full opportunity feedback to our customer support team about the quality of the service by the service provider. If during the service, you have any complaint about the service provider or are unhappy with the service, you can contact the customer support team at 0331-1110145 (8am-10pm).

We also highly encourage our respected users to rate/review the service provider in the App at the end of the service.

15. Are there any other hidden charges for the customer than what service providers have offered and accepted by me in the App?

There are no other hidden charges than what has been offered and accepted by you before the service (or after the estimation at the time of the visit).

16. Can I cancel a booked service?

Yes, subject to terms and conditions, a customer can cancel the service. Please read the Terms & Conditions for users at https://karsaaz.app/static-page/karsaaz-terms-and-conditions.

17. I booked for just one service, but later want to add another service in. Can I do that?

Yes, of course you can do this. Just call our customer support team at the helpline 0331-111-0145 for the additional service that you want to add in. If you directly do it with the service provider without informing our customer support team, we can neither provide you warranty for such additional service that you directly book with the service provider, nor we can resolve any service quality issue for such service.

18. Can I make a change to my booking?

Yes, subject to applicable terms and conditions, you can request to make changes in your booking. Simply call our customer support team at our helpline 0331-111-0145 for this. Terms & Conditions for users are available at https://karsaaz.app/static-page/karsaaz-terms-and-conditions.

19. How will I know if the professional that I have booked has already left for my appointment or not?

Due to full tracking of the services, you will get a notification when the professional will start his travel for your booking. You will then get the next notification when the professional will arrive at your place followed by the notifcation that he/she has started the service. The entire service is fully tracked at the App.

20. How can I review a professional at the end of service?

Each user have opportunity to review a professional in the App and we also highly encourage our respected users to rate/review the service provider. You are most welcome to provide the feedback to our customer support team at 0331-1110145 during or after the service.

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