Carpenter Services in Lahore

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All Carpenter and woodwork services

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    Door Installation

    Rs.1500 (estimated)

    Wooden Door Repair and Installation

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    Kitchen Installation or Repair

    Rs.499 (estimated)

    Kitchen Cabinets Repairing and Installation

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    Lock Installation or Repair

    Rs.800 (estimated)

    Wardrobe, Doors, Drawers Lock Repair and Installation

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    Window Installation

    Rs.1500 (estimated)

    Wooden Windows Repair and Installation

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    Woodwork Repair or Installation

    Rs.499 (estimated)

    Bed, Wardrobe, Cabinets, Repair and Installation

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    Furniture Repair or Renovation

    Rs.499 (estimated)

    Starting from, exact price varies after visit

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    Carpenter and Woodwork Other Services

    Rs.350 (estimated)

    General Carpenter Services

Carpenter And Woodwork Services In Lahore

Carpenter services in Lahore are here to serve all your needs. At Carpenter and woodwork services, we provide carpentry services for any project. Whether it be a small job, a completely new home or commercial establishment, or large construction, you can count on us for professionalism and quality craft. We are proud to be the best woodwork services in Lahore and will continue to be so!

Are you looking for a carpenter in Lahore to finish your woodwork project then  Karsaaz app offers a full range of woodworking services, including carpentry repair, remodeling, kitchen cabinet refacing and replacement, wardrobes, and other renovations for residential and commercial clients. We provide high-quality products at affordable prices with reliable quality through our attention to detail.

We provide a wide range of carpenter and woodwork services in Lahore, which include:

Door Installation Or Repairing:

Whether you’re looking to repair your door or want to install a new one, we are here to help you. We better understand that every door is important to your property because of its protection and curb appeal when it comes to the door. 

 We are the best carpenters and woodwork services in Lahore, focusing on crafting solutions for our clients. We are offering quality woodwork services to our clients at an affordable price. So if you want to get some excellent and affordable work done, contact us today!

Kitchen Installation And Repairing:

We offer guaranteed kitchen cabinet installation and repair services if you want to add new life to your kitchen. From minor repairs to complete renovations, we offer carpentry services, including woodworking, cabinets, doors, and frames. When it comes to the kitchen, we offer the following services. 

  • Cabinet repairing: you can get our services if you notice laminate peeling, hinges, or other repairs. 

  • Cabinet update service: If you are tired of your old cabinet and want to add a new life to your kitchen through a cabinet, you can rely on us. We will give your kitchen cabinet a new look at an affordable price. 

  • Cabinet installation: cabinet installation is a serious job and should be done by professionals; if you are looking for the best carpenter and woodwork services in Lahore, Karsaaz App helps you find the perfect, most affordable & highly expert  Carpenter. 

Lock Installation Or Repair Service:

Looking for a reliable lock installer for your new house? Or want to change your existing locks? We are a super simple App that helps you find the best and most affordable lock repair on your doorstep. 

Our professionals can fix it no matter what type of lock you have. We recommend that you don’t leave your lock-up to chance because when it comes to the safety of your valuables, you want to ensure that your locks are functioning correctly. 

At carpenter service in Lahore, we offer a complete list of locksmith services that fit your budget and need. 

Wood Floor Installation Service:

We provide you with the total solution for installing and repairing any wooden flooring in Lahore. Regarding the price, no one can beat our flooring rates in Pakistan. Our professionals are experienced and insured. 

 If you are looking for the best Carpenter in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan, then you can get in touch with us. We are one of the most versatile and reliable service providers for carpentry and woodwork jobs. Contact us now to book your appointment. 

Wardrobe And Cabinet Installation And Repairing Service:

We provide you with an experience wardrobe professional that will handle cupboards, wardrobes, manufacturing, fixing, restoration, repairing, and installation. Our experts can deal with any design and type of wardrobe. We have skilled workers whether you want to install a Damro wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe, fitted wardrobe, or Fino Wardrobe. 

We provide high-quality products at affordable prices with reliable quality through our attention to detail. 

Furniture Renovations And Repairing Service:

Call our professionals to get perfect furniture renovation services. Our company offers a full range of unique products, from kitchens and wardrobes to well-designed furniture; we can suit any need. Our dedicated team of professionals will help you create your dream space by consistently delivering outstanding results.

Furniture Polish Service In Lahore:

If your furniture is old but wants to make it shiny and good as new, wood polishing is an excellent alternative to refurbishing your old furniture. At Carpenter Lahore, you can get furniture polish service at home. Get an appointment and get your furniture, wardrobe, sofas, doors, windows, etc. 

We can help with all your interior and exterior work. No job is small or too large. Our expert Carpenters are dedicated to ensuring we complete your project on time and within your budget. We take pride in our work and treat each job as our own house.

Deco Paint:

Deco furniture is the most trendy furniture in Pakistan, but nobody can handle Deco paint. Get the job done by our professionals, and We help customers achieve the look and feel of their dreams through personalized design and attention to detail. 

Our website makes it easy to find a carpenter near you. Each Pro will arrive at your house/office ready to get the job done quickly, professionally, in a friendly way, and within your budget.

Other Carpenter And Woodwork Services:

Our team also has a great deal of experience in carpentry, including fitting stairs and wooden floors, constructing outdoor furniture, shelves, cabinets, sofas, polishing and repairing, and curtain rails. We can work with different types of wood and suit your requirements.

Our carpentry service specializes in residential and commercial remodeling, repair, and refurbishment. We’re proud of our reputation for excellent customer service and a range of quality carpentry services at affordable prices.

Why Choose Karsaaz App Carpet And Woodwork Services:

 Looking for carpenter and woodwork services in Lahore? We are one of Lahore's best, most high-quality, and most affordable carpentry service providers. We do everything from simple kitchen cabinets to elaborate, intricately carved furniture. If you want to redecorate or renovate your home at an affordable cost and still get high-quality work done by skilled professional carpenters, give us a call today!

What Areas Do We Cover?

Karsaaz covers all the prominent areas of Lahore. No matter where you live, Karsaaz has you covered.

However, to be more precise, this includes Gulberg: Model Town, Faisal Town, Garden Town - Iqbal Town: Township, Johar Town, Sabzazar, Canal - Lahore Cantonment: Defence (all phases) - Samanabad: Muslim Town, Shah Jamal, Gulshan-e-Ravi - Data Gunj Buksh: Mozang, Shadman, Qila Gujar Singh, Sanda - Shalamar, Ravi town, Nishtar town, and hundreds more!