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Car Mechanic At Home Service

Car Service, Car Maintenance, Oil Change, Repairing

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Oil Change & Oil Filter Replacement

Rs.1000 (estimated)

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Brake Pads – Rear Brake Shoe/Pad

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Spark Plugs Cleaning/Changing

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Online Car Mechanic Service In Rawalpindi

Finding a car mechanic near you in Rawalpindi during a sudden car breakdown or upon encountering a major problem in the car can take a lot of time. You have to search in the neighborhood areas to find a car workshop or an experienced car technician to solve the problem. But now, you can call a car mechanic in Rawalpindi anywhere — be it your residence, office, shop, etc. —- via Karsaaz’s mobile application.

Whether you need a car mechanic at home in Rawalpindi or you are stuck somewhere due to a car breakdown, you can count on the expert mechanics of Karsaaz to come to your rescue. No matter how big or small the problem with your car is, we can diagnose the actual problem and solve it permanently on the spot.

24/7 Available Car Mechanic Service In Rawalpindi

One of the key features of Karsaaz is we operate 24/7, which means you can call a mechanic from us at any time of the day or night on the go. Working days or holidays, sunshine or monsoon, our car mechanics are ready to assist you on all days and seasons of the year.

If you need a mechanic online, stop searching for “car mechanic near me in Rawalpindi.” Instead, download our mobile application and enjoy hassle-free access to the best mechanics in Rawalpindi.

Frequently Asked Questions!

I need a car mechanic at home in Rawalpindi. Can you send one to my residence?

Yes, just let us know your location, and we will send a car mechanic to your place at your chosen time.

What kind of car repairs can your mechanic conduct?

We can perform all kinds of minor and major car repair and maintenance work, including the following:

  • Oil/oil filter change

  • Wiper blades replacement

  • Air filter replacement

  • New tires installation

  • Battery replacement

  • Brake work

  • Antifreeze addition

  • A/C repair

  • Radiator Repair

  • And everything in between!

How much do you charge for coming home for car maintenance?

We can’t give you a quote here. To learn about our car maintenance service’s pricing, download our mobile application and check out the different packages being offered.

What areas of Rawalpindi city does your car repair service cover?

Our car mechanic service in Rawalpindi covers all the rural and urban areas of the city, including the motorways.

How soon can you send a mechanic to my residence? I need urgent assistance.

That depends on your location and the weather. If the weather is clear and the roads are open — in normal circumstances, our mechanic will reach your residence within an hour or so.

I suspect there’s a problem with my car’s battery. Can you bring a battery for my car?

Yes, we can bring a battery or any kind of spare part for your car as per your needs. But in such a case, always let us know in advance when scheduling your appointment.

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