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Appliances Installation or Repair

Appliances Installation or Repair

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Other appliances Installation or Repair

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Fridge/Refrigerator or Freezer Repair

Rs.350 (estimated)

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Washing Machine Repair

Rs.350 (estimated)

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Microwave/Cooking Range Repair

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Water Dispenser Repair

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Dishwasher repair

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Gas heater installation

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Kitchen Hood Repairing Services

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Appliances Installation Or Repair In Islamabad

Appliances are our support system; to keep them running smoothly, conduct frequent home appliance repair and maintenance. A broken-down household appliance can provide us with a glimpse of life in the Stone Age. Without the automation that each of our appliances delivers, the ease that we are accustomed to while going about our everyday tasks would evaporate.

Machines that are often used and which frequently remain on after being turned on will ultimately fail. Allow Karsaaz to be their support system for home appliance repair in Islamabad.

Having Trouble With Your Home Appliances? Contact Us Now To Get It Fixed Anywhere In Islamabad

Home appliance repair does not have to disrupt your everyday routine, not with Karsaaz. We offer expert repair, maintenance, and installation services in Islamabad for all types of household appliances performed by fully qualified and trustworthy technicians.

They will be there at your doorstep on a day and time that is convenient for you. Following the examination and diagnosis, you will be given an estimate of the estimated expenses. If you need help quickly, we also provide emergency appliance repair services in Islamabad for a fee. Quality craftsmanship and fast service are synonymous with Karsaaz.

Let's Discuss The Appliances Services We Provide At Karsaaz In Islamabad

Installation Of Appliances

All significant appliances, whether domestic or commercial, require professional installation. Before beginning the installation or repair, we provide you with a detailed quote. And if we discover a problem, we will notify you before proceeding to avoid any surprises. This quality distinguishes us from the rest of our competitors.

Refrigerator Maintenance

A refrigerator is essential in any kitchen since it keeps food regularly. If any portion of the fridge fails, your food will expire, costing you money and triggering various health issues. 

Call appliance installation and repair services in Islamabad immediately to resolve this issue. For your convenience, our professionals will come straight to your door. They will ensure that your refrigerator starts up correctly without taking too long to cool.

Repairing A Washing Machine

Washing machines are vital household items. If it is broken, it might cause you a lot of problems because you require outfits every day. And there will be no nice and clean clothing for you if your machine malfunctions or fails to start. 

However, Appliance repairs services in Islamabad firm are always available to assist you. If you discover your equipment isn't operating properly, you can call us and request appliance installation repairs in Lahore, Pakistan. We service various types of washing machines, including

Repairing A Microwave Oven

Ovens allow us to in the kitchen. They, too, require frequent cleaning and maintenance because they are electrical equipment. Sometimes the oven does not adequately heat the food, you see sparks inside, or the touchpad does not work correctly. 

It indicates that your oven needs servicing or repair. You may contact Appliance Installation Repairs Services in Islamabad, and they will come to your home and address your problem.

Repair And Installation Of dishwashers

Your dishes are constantly hazy or unclean after a cycle. Call us today to avoid unsuccessful wash cycles and vexing leaks!

If your dishwasher isn't draining properly or your dishes aren't getting clean enough, contact us, and we'll locate you the top dishwasher service specialists in the business.

Excellent repair Pay extra attention to routine maintenance and repair. We have a team of highly experienced and professional specialists. When you phone us, someone from our team will contact you.

Service For Washing Machines And Dryers

A washer and dryer is a laundry solution that does both items of washing and drying in the same machine. It performs the fundamental laundry functions of washing and drying garments. 

On the other hand, a competent specialist in the sector will be accessible to diagnose your appliance and determine whether any more repairs are necessary. As a result, you may receive a full solution for your appliances that are in great working order.

Repair Service For Cooking Ranges

A Kitchen range is an everyday cooking gadget that is used to heat or bake a product. Because it is a daily used equipment, it may become damaged over time. To maintain a smooth operation, we do maintenance and repair work on cooking ranges with our professional hands. If you are searching for gas stove repair near me or microwave repair near me, we are here to help.

We repair any flaws in a cooking range and return it to you in excellent working order. There is no need to replace your cooking range because we offer a full solution for your appliances at a lower cost.

Perks Of Choosing Us To Serve You

Complete Satisfaction

Our well-trained geyser technicians will not leave your property until all issues have been resolved. They will also help and advise you on how to avoid such problems in the future. We will go to any length to address your problems, and we guarantee client satisfaction.

Best Technicians 

We are concerned with your safety and peace of mind. That is why we are fully licensed and insured, so you can be confident that any plumbing work is covered. Karsaaz only works with competent, trustworthy, and background-checked specialists, so you can forget about any trust worries when you hire through Karsaaz.

Services Provided The Same Day

You no longer have to wait days for your damaged doors to be repaired or for new doors and windows to be installed. Within 24 hours of your booking, our professionals will arrive at your home. In an emergency, you can phone our hotline, and a professional will take care of your matter.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What type of extra components would be utilized in the event that something needed to be replaced?

We only utilize authentic spare parts that are accessible from genuine brand manufacturers and their authorized dealers at Karsaaz. The manufacturer's guarantee on these spare parts may differ, and such warranty is offered to the consumer as is.

Spare parts for the most recent brands are typically accessible the same day, but for lesser-known brands or older models, they may be difficult to locate and may take time.

What steps should I take to avoid home appliance failure?

Home appliances require little maintenance, and taking care of them avoids unexpected problems. When not in use, make sure you turn off and unplug everything. This eliminates the static current impact on the components. Also, if any weird noises are detected, contact a specialist immediately before the harm worsens. We strongly advise getting a preventative service at least once a year.

Should I fix or replace my broken household appliances?

The appliance repair business in Islamabad has grown, with a number of manufacturers able to offer replacement parts through local distributors. To most people's astonishment, most problems can be resolved by only qualified specialists.

How long will it take to solve the problem, and will it have to be removed?

Home appliances can be repaired in an hour or weeks, depending on the examination. Generally, the inspection and repair are completed in the same visit, but, on occasion, the workers can take it to the workshop, and parts must be ordered. Most well-known brands' spare parts are typically readily available.

What brands of appliances can Karsaaz repair?

We service and repair the majority of well-known brands marketed and utilized in Islamabad.

What areas do we cover in Islamabad?

Karsaaz covers all the prominent areas of Islamabad. This includes Sector E-7, Sector E-8, Sector E-9, E-11, Sector F-7, F-8, F-9, Sector F-10 Markaz, Sector G-8 Markaz, Sector H-9, Sector H-10, Sector I-8, Sector, Blue Area, Chak Shahzad, Sector F-6 Markaz, Lohi Bher, Bani Gala, Rawat, DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town.

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